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babygoodwin - December 31

We've got the cutest little girl and I'm happy with my professional life, personal life, etc. I dont' think I want to have any more kids - but my husband keeps bugging me - and everyone we know keeps asking when the next one is coming. I feel guilty - but I'm happy like this. Any thoughts?


amhpgseverino - September 25

I hear you - I really do. But, two things to consider. 1. Will you still be happy in ten years having on one kid or will you regret that you didnt' have another? 2. Think about your child - will she be happy being an only child, or would she enjoy company?


sbernaba - September 25

Tell those voices in your head - andyour neighbors to BE QUIET! This is your decision to make. Ok - so you and your husband have to agree. But, no one else needs to be part of the discussion - they don't get to have an opinion. And, you are allowed to be a working mom who only wants one kid!


nicolaruijne - September 28

If u don fell good about this, don do it. Period. I suggest u don't let your husbnd know you're not trying, though. What he don know can't hurt you, as my mother always said ;-)


sophia - October 1

Honesty is the best policy. Tell your husband how u feel and tell him it's a mistake for u to have another while u feel this way. It wouldn't be good for the kid.


thurmond - October 1

Yeah. Tell your DH that u should agree to wait one year then reasess. Maybe things will look different then. Tell him when he nags u u can't think. He needs to quieten down for awhile and let u be alone with your thoughts so u can sort them out.


schoendienst - October 1

Just smile and keep your thoughts to yourself with the neighbors. With your husband it's different. He shouldn't be putting pressure on u. Maybe u could talk to your clergyman?


beth - October 1

Ask him if he's willing to take time off from work to care for the baby. Let's see how fast he changes his mind!


devyntaylore - October 2

lots of couples only have one child and many are happy that way. some regret it. the idea of waiitng for a year and reassessing sounds good. you may change your mind or he may change his.


rosemary - October 3

too bad guys cant give birth. might cure the population problems. since he cant have a baby maybe he can help by splitting the work thing - you work he stays home



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