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Getting Preg After Being on the Pill
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babygoodwin - December 31

Does anyone know if i need to go off the pill for a certain amt of time before i can get pregnant?


amhpgseverino - September 28

I always went off the pill three months before i tried to get preg. This isn't something i asked the doc about, but i figured it took awhile for teh pill to get out of my system. i found that i did get preg about three months after going off of it a few of the times i tried this.


alaska_gurlly - September 28

that sounds close amphgserverino. i think the docs recommend a two or three month rehab after the pill


beth - October 1

They say u don't have to wait, but I've heard that the hormones in the pill can hurt the baby. My sister used another form of birth control for a year before she let herself get pregnant.


schoendienst - October 1

They used to worry about this, now they don't so much. They say to wait until u have one normal period after stopping the pill and then 2 go ahead.


thurmond - October 1

I heard that the pill messes with the lining of your uterus and that;s why u should wait-it could make u have a miscarriage, sinc eht fetus can't stick to the wall.


sophia - October 1

Whoa! Reading all this is an eyeopener. Didn't even think about this being a prob. I plan to ask my doctor about this. Thanks for the headsup!


nicolaruijne - October 1

I think its not so much that u have to wait, but that it can take a long time, even a year, for your body to get back to normal and ready to conceive.


devyntaylore - October 2

i got preggo on the pill and i didnt miss taking one either. i also lost that baby. so it is probably a good idea to wait cuz things need time to get back to normal before getting pregnant


rosemary - October 5

sorry for your loss devyn. I think the pill is meant to mess with the uterus, kinda fool the body into thinking its pregnant. it needs time to recover before you get pregnant again - that's what I think



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