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beth - December 31

I heard two different ideas: 1) when your TTC you should do it all the time.
2) You shouldn't do it all the time, because the sperm won't be as healthy.
Which idea is right?


schoendienst - September 25

I don't think its about sperm health. I think it's about sperm COUNT. Like, there's always semen, but there might not be enough sperm if you're doing it all the time.


thurmond - September 25

Schoendienst is right, beth. You should start doing it the day before you ovulate (midcycle), then for two more days. The rest of the time, he should take a break.


sophia - September 25

thurmond is mostly right, but not everyone ovulates on the 14th day. You might want to learn how to check your cervical mucus so you'll know when you're ovulating. That's the best way to be sure.


nicolaruijne - September 25

Sophia, that's interesting. I never heard about cervical mucus. I always used a basal thermometer.


amhpgseverino - September 28

most of the books definitely say not to do it more than once a day during the week you think you are ovulating. some even suggest doing it every other day. So - certainly not all the time!


babygoodwin - September 28

beth, i don't think that's it that the sperm won't be healthy - liek you'll have a sick baby or something. it's that they won't be strong enough to get to and fertilize the egg. You gotta give the sperm a break so that they can be the strongest, toughest sperm to get to the egg and get it fertilized. no more than once a day when you're trying to get preg is what i understand.


alaska_gurlly - September 28

this is where not tonight dear fits, right? lol


michelled3 - October 5

that cervical mucus method is supposed to be pretty accurate - kinda messy though. getting all uptight about it can really mess things up so try to make sex lots of fun instead of a make-work project. haha


rosemary - October 5

ever notice how all the pregnant books are written by men? anybody read anything by a woman? what does she say about it/


devyntaylore - October 6

funny how people who aren't trying to get pregnant do it all the time and end up pregnant anyeway and then those who really want to have babies have to go through all this stuff. too bad, huh? hang in there and i hope you get pregnant soon



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