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babygoodwin - December 31

I work on a school schedule as a psychologist and was thinking about trying to have my first baby in the summer. I wanted to know what other people think about this idea. My mom says there is no reason to wait and to try to time our pregnancy, but my husband and I really want the convenience of this.


amhpgseverino - September 25

Sweetheart, you're going to have a surprising awakening when you get to motherhood. While many of us want to plan out our lives - you really can't plan this! I had two miscarriages while trying to have that well-timed baby. Then, I realized that it was more important to me to have a baby than to have a baby at the right time - anytime is the right time to bring someone into the world! Think about it...and start to realize you aren't in control of this area of your life.


asdin - September 25

Gotta say I don't agree. My wife and I are both professionals on very tight schedules and we wanted to have our kids at the right time for us. Yes, it's great to have kids whenever they come - but if it works to plan it, then why not do it? All three of the kids were born exactly when we were hoping to have them and it's been great. Go for it and plan what you need to plan!


nicolaruijne - September 28

I don't think you should ask your mom abotu stuff like this. You already say u an yuour DH want to time it for the summer, so u should do what u want and not lissen to anyone else.


michelled3 - September 28

what happens after the baby comes? do you schedule time to be a mom or are you planning to be around for the baby? kids are a full time job, an accoutrement. sorry i'm abrupt but it sounds like an extra class at colelge instead of a life


beth - October 1

U can plan your baby 4 summer, but u can't plan his first tooth, his first ear infection, and any emergencies he might have. You might wanna think about this. For the birth--no prob. plan away--but babies change your lives and they aren't always convenient.


schoendienst - October 1

beth's right. I took a leave of absence from work to have my baby, and that made the birth a bit more smooth to cope with, but didn't make a dent in how hard it was to juggle work and a baby.


thurmond - October 1

I'd aim for early summer, so u have time to get back on your feet before September.


sophia - October 1

I don't think there's anything wrong with planning. If we have a way to do that, why shouldn't we take advantage of that??


devyntaylore - October 2

i think both beth and sophie are right here - plan for the birth but after that if you want to be a mom to your baby you are going to have to be available. there are a lot of women who have nannies and don't ever see their children growing up. depends on what you want and how much you want to be part of your childs life.


rosemary - October 5

good idea to have time to enjoy your pregnancy. there will be days when you just don't want to do anything - like in the first trimester - and it would be a treat to be able to be home and lying down if you want to. sounds good to me.


alaska_gurlly - October 6

so who is having the baby, you or your mom? unless she's going to raise the kid, you and your man should be deciding on when you want to get pregnant



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