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blood in urine after sex female
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jesslrod1 - February 17

for the last two months, after I have intercourse with my partner, I go to pee and notice blood in my urine. I have been to the gyno and she did a series of tests for stds or infections and she couldn't find anything positive. So she next recommended that I get a colposcopy, she believes it is coming from my vaginal opening but I seriously think it is coming from my urine tract because as soon as I start to pee the blood comes out with it and not like when I have my period when it drips straight down separate from my urine. I also feel a slight pain sometimes in my lower right side on my back. Should I really get a colposcopy, reason I ask is because I don't have health insurance and don't want to make the expense if it will not fix the problem.

jesslrod1 - February 17

I also wanted to add that they also did a urine test and found a high count of leukolytes which they gave me medication for.

Lyn - March 1

high count of leukolytes in urine can be a urinary tract infection a common complaint but if your symptoms are persisting it should be investigated further.


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