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Bad Hair Day?

If you've ever had a bad hair day, and you wonder what to do about it, you might want to consider getting a wig? These days with stars like Lady Gaga wearing wigs and hair extensions you are certainly on trend if you get one for yourself.


Did you know that over her lifetime the average woman spends over $40,000 on hairdressers and styling products? With a wig you can save a bundle and look stylish too! Of course, realistic designer wigs made from real human hair can cost $3,000 or more, but for less money you can get a lot of synthetic fun wigs too. With wigs like Paula Young's costing from $40 you can change your wig as often as you change your shoes.

Whether you want to try out a new cropped hairstyle before entrusting your long locks to your hairdresser, or just want to surprise your friends at a party, getting a wig can be the answer. However, if you don't want anyone to realize when you are having a bad hair day why not get one like your own hair? You can order wigs online or go to a friendly wig shop so you can try before you buy. Of course there are wig makers who will not only custom make you a wig to fit your individual measurements but will style it and maintain it for you as part of the bargain. Another alternative to a full wig is what they call a fall. This is often attached to a hair band or a hat, and it enables you to have the look of long hair without the weight of a full wig.

Hair Extensions

If you've ever wondered how stars grow their locks so long so quickly, the answer may very well be with hair extensions. Although you often can't tell from a distance, up close and personal may be a different story. You can get clip-in extensions that you can do yourself (from $10), which saves time and money but one of the problems with hair extensions is that they can damage your hair if you use them all the time. If you have them done professionally, the hairdresser either glues or weaves the hair extensions to your hair, and this can weaken your hair over time and even give you bald patches in some cases. And with the length of time that they take to put in, which can be a whole day at the hairdresser, not to mention the expense, a wig is a much easier alternative.

Medical Wigs

If you need a wig for medical reasons, for example you have alopecia or have had cancer treatment, many HMO's will cover all or part of the cost. There are also many charity organizations that help cancer sufferers, especially children, to get wigs. These type of wigs are virtually undectable, and you can be very active, including showering and even swimming without anyone being the wiser. When you are fed up with your long hair, why not ask a cancer charity how to have it cut so you can donate it for use in a medical wig.

So if you have way too many ‘bad hair' days, a wig can really save the day!

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