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Is A Makeover Really Extreme?

Reality shows are abounding and the extreme makeover programs seem to have a huge following.  Perhaps it's our fascination with magical results, or our good feelings when the ugly duckling becomes the beautiful swan.  Many people watching these shows long for the opportunity to make some sort of change to their appearance, hoping their fortune in life will change as well.  In some cases it most certainly does, in others it can create more pain than ever.

The Benefits of Plastic Surgery

Children can be cruel.  Many have lived painful lives around that truth.  Emotional trauma experienced as a child has held many adults captive to the names they were called because of their appearance.  Today, with the technology and methodology available to plastic surgeons, people have the option to change the way they live life and finally have the appearance they desire.  There is such a strong pull toward remaining youthful, that older people are seeking the services of plastic surgeons more and more.  They want to look as young as they feel and those who have made the decision to have surgery are often psychologically living a happier and more fulfilling life.  The sense of limitations seems to be lifted in people who have been able to end the torment of a disfiguring aspect of their appearance.  Others have more confidence and are able to enjoy life from a different perspective.

Certainly in the case of an accident or deformity, plastic surgery is a miracle, giving hope and ensuring a future.  Many have gone on to live fruitful lives after reconstructive surgery when, years ago, they may have been a victim of suicide.  Women who have survived breast cancer often are left feeling "less than a woman" because they have lost a breast - or two - to the disease.  Reconstructive surgery enables these heroines to regain their sense of femininity after the battle.

What Are The Risks?

Surgery, after all, is still surgery and there are always inherent risks.  Dr. Richard D'Amico, president-elect of the American Society for Plastic Surgery (ASPS) says, "The human body makes no distinction when the scalpel hits.  The difference with elective cosmetic surgeries is that patients generally start out healthy".  Being in good health is a strong starting place for surgery at any time, but especially for cosmetic surgery.  Be sure to have a discussion with the surgeon about possible risks and complications arising from plastic surgery.  It's always best to be informed before making a decision.  Any MD can make the claim of being a plastic surgeon; wisdom is on the side of choosing an ASPS Board certified plastic surgeon for your procedure.  Ensure he has been approved by the credentials committee of a hospital and check to see if his facility is accredited as well by the appropriate organizations before having any procedure done in a private office.  Since some elective surgeries are safer than others, make sure that the benefit/risk ratio is balanced before heading off to the operating table.

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