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Body Baths For Healing and Relaxation

Throughout history, "the bath" has played a special part in human rituals in promoting beauty as well as health. The Romans used bathhouses for social rituals as well as reclusive getaways that could include theatre performances and grand feasts that could hold up to 3,000 bathers, or else provide a quiet hide-out where one could enjoy readings and a massage.

The bath has been used for its natural powers to heal physical ailments and soothe the mind and spirit. Japanese traditions used natural baths for spiritual cleansing, while ancient Egyptians used baths for religious purification, and Scandinavian steam baths were once used for their restorative properties.

To ease your stress, give yourself the private spa treatment you deserve. Whether you’re attracted to the romance of a rose petal bath, the fragrance and calm of aromatherapy oils, or simply looking for a natural way to soak and relax, a natural body bath can help relax the mind while soothing your body.


The Perfect Bath

Before choosing your favourite bath and body oil, some soothing bath salts, or aromatherapy fragrances to add to your bath water, you might want to make some preparations that will add that extra boost of relaxation to your perfect bath.

You may wish to prepare two fresh, luxurious towels ahead of time that will cover your entire body to keep you warm and cosy following your bath. Try heating your towels using a heated towel rack, or by simply placing them in a warm area such as over a steam radiator. Be sure to take precautions, however, so that towels provide toasty comfort but do not burn or cause a fire.

Prepare a robe, a kimono, flannel pyjamas or anything else that will provide you with added relaxation such as fluffy socks or slippers. Light some candles, incense, or aromatherapy conductors to create an atmosphere ideal for stress relief. Make a cup of tea for added calm.

You may also choose from a range of loofahs, sponges, scrubbers and washcloths that can provide you with exfoliation benefits for your skin.


Choosing Relaxation Scents

There are many bath products that you can add to your bath. Bubble bath products, bath salts, and pure essential oils may be used for their benefits, which includes natural skin care and stress relief.

When choosing an aromatherapy fragrance for your bath oils, soaps, candles or incense, consider the following natural options and their unique benefits:


  • Chamomile relieves muscle tightness and inflammation and is known for its relaxing and calming benefits. Chamomile can help calm nerves, insomnia, and depression.
  • Clary Sage eases anxiety and promotes relaxation. It has been used to clear insomnia and depression.
  • Grapefruit is an ideal scent used to aid hormonal problems and relieve PMS symptoms. It has also been used as an antidepressant to help ease anxiety.
  • Juniper helps sharpen memory, insomnia, and calms the nerves.
  • Lavendarhas healing, calming, and refreshing properties that help balance the mind and body and relieve sleep disorders.
  • Lemongrass is known for its calming, sedative properties that promote relaxation.
  • Majoramis also known for its calming benefits.
  • Sandalwood is an aphrodisiac that balances the mind, body, and soul.
  • Tangerineis often used to heal emotional pain and to help calm the nerves.
  • Thymehas uplifting properties that can aid insomnia and depression.

When using aromatherapy oils, be sure not to apply oils directly to the skin surface and use a carrier oil as a base. Check an aromatherapy guide for specific information about using particular oils.

When choosing your fragrance, decide on a scent based on what appeals to you to ensure a relaxing bath experience, as well as based on the specific healing properties associated with the fragrance to help ease any anxiety or stress in your life.

In order to really enjoy your relaxing bath, why not consider remodeling your bathroom in order to create the perfect retreat for your bath time.


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