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Breast Reduction

Stress-free shoulders, no more shaking and the ability to wear bras that fit well are some of the reasons why women choose to reduce their breast sizes.

Women who have been born with smaller or average-size breasts may not understand why someone would choose to get rids of the big ones they were lucky enough to be born with. But for some women, large breasts are not something to enjoy. Even if society's general attitude is that the bigger the bosom, the sexier the woman. For many women, big breasts are awkward and uncomfortable and sometimes even embarrassing if other people's eyes always turn to stare at the chest.

Pretty Clothes and Sexy Bras

"Once you get into the bigger cup sizes, it can be really hard to find nice clothes that fit properly," said one woman with size 38H breasts who, before her breast reduction surgery, always had problems finding fashionable clothes that fit well and attractive bras.

"I can finally buy some nice-looking bras that aren't beige, beige and beige again," said Nathalie, a cook at a retirement home. She said her choice to have breast reduction surgery also made it easier to get her work done. After the surgery, her breasts no longer got in the way of basic tasks like trying to spoon food in a buffet line. She even found driving much easier without her "massive boobs" constantly getting in the way.

"The first thing I did after my breasts healed after the surgery is buy myself a red bra. I like yellow too, but I think red is so much sexier and I've never had the chance to have such a great-looking bra before," said Nathalie.

"And it didn't cost over $250 either," she added, mentioning that this was the price that she often had to pay to get a bra that fit her properly.

Women who have chosen breast reduction surgery have also reported less lower back pain and the ability to sleep better. Other women report a significant improvement in the continuous neck pain they experienced.

Top 6 Reasons For Breast Reduction

If after reading these women's stories of their fabulous experience with breast reduction surgery makes you wonder if you're a candidate, read on to find out more.

According to the American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, a woman is a candidate for breast reduction surgery if:

· Her breasts are so heavy and pendulous that the nipples and areolas point down

· One breast is significantly bigger than the other

· There is skin irritation under the breasts

· Back pain, shoulder pain or neck pain is caused by the extra weight of the breasts

· The size of the breasts restrict physical activity

· Deep indentations in the shoulders due to tight bra straps

The Evaluation

Most surgeons won't complete a breast reduction surgery until the breasts are fully developed. Your surgeon will also ask you if you plan to breastfeed and will discuss what (if any) changes to your breasts will happen if you have a baby after the surgery.

If you plan to lose a significant amount of weight, your doctor may suggest you wait until your weight is stabilized before undergoing surgery.

The doctor will ask you want your goal size is and will analyze the size and shape of your breasts and the quality of your skin. Photographs may be taken for your medical records.

A full medical history is required to get breast reduction surgery. Your doctor will need to know about all previous surgeries, drug allergies, medical conditions and all medications you're currently on.

The Breast Reduction Surgery

The surgery itself typically takes two hours and is done under general anesthetic. The most common incision is the Inverted T where one incision is cut along the bottom of the breast and another goes up towards the nipple. The excess fat is removed; the nipples and areolas repositioned, and the incisions are sewn up again.

It may be necessary to completely detach the nipples and areolas before shifting them to a higher level if the breasts are extremely large.


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