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Breast Concerns

Are you concerned about swelling or pain in your breasts? How about nipple discharge or abnormalities in breast size and shape? Wondering what the average breast size is and how your breast development compares to it? Concerned your chest is too flat or too heavy? Considering breast augmentation or reduction? Then you've come to the right place!  Find the answers to all of your breast concern questions right here!

Breast Problems And Nipple Discharge

For information on nipple discharge, including what symptoms mean and what kind of treatment they require, visit Nipple Discharge. You can also visit Discharge Evaluation to learn about what your nipple discharge means for your health.  Sometimes nipple discharge is nothing to worry about, other times it can be a sign of a more serious problem like breast cancer.  Learn more about types of nipple discharge and about when to visit your doctor for treatment. 

For information on breast problems, including veins and fibrocystic changes, click on the following link: Breast Problems. Worried about a lesion you've found developing in your breast? Concerned a mass in your breast may have a malignant? Then visit Breast Disfigurement to learn about what the signs and symptoms of breast masses and breast lesions are. Mammograms are crucial in detecting breast cancer. Information on mammogram breast cancer results and what mammogram test results mean for your health can be found at Mammograms.  Every women above a certain age and with certain family history should receive regular mammograms.  Find out when you should schedule your first appointment.  

Breast Cysts, Breast Problems and Breast Abnormalities

Finding a cyst in the breast can be a scary experience. Learn about causes and treatments of breast cysts here: Breast Cysts. For information on fibrocystic disease visit the following link: Fibrocystic Disease.  Get all of the information you need for coping with either of these conditions.  

Many women have concerns about irregular or abnormal breast size or shape, and about breast expansion or reduction. To find out about causes abnormal breast developmental problems, as well as tips and treatments, visit Breast Asymmetry. Information on breast size can also be found at Breast Size or at Breast Abnormalities. To learn about the causes and treatment of large, heavy breasts and the health risk they pose, click here Virginal Hypertrophy.  You might be relieved to know that most women have one breast bigger or smaller than the other.  

Swelling and other pain in the breast can cause a lot of discomfort and worry for women. To find out about what your breast pain is a sign of, visit Breast Pain and Breast Concerns.  Read up on whether or not you should be worried about your breast concerns and get all of the information you need to relieve your worries and seek the help you need to solve your breast issues.  

A comprehensive glossary of different symptoms of breast-related problems and other breast conditions can be found at our Breast Conditions page.  Understand all of the terms used when talking about various breast issues.

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