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Causes of Male Infertility

Brother, Take Control

Today there are many ways of treating male infertility, and the arena broadens over time. There are, however, ways a man can help himself in this matter and things he can do to help his body produce healthy sperm. While many causes of male infertility arise from physiological issues, such as varicocele, or illnesses such as diabetes, there are other issues which a man does have control over. By asserting his mastery over these issues, the chances of improved sperm count and quality can be increased.

Of Course Stress Affects Fertility!

Stress - that thing we toss all manner of ailments into - is also a factor in fertility. Emotional stress interferes with the GnRH hormone, the hormone produced in the pituitary gland and released as part of the reproductive process, and ultimately results in low sperm count. Sexual issues which result in premature ejaculation or impotence , usually caused by problems within the relationship, are cited as a cause of infertility in almost 1% of all cases registered with clinics.

Keep Things Cool and Controlled

Testicular overheating includes saunas, hot tub, tight clothing and even the use of laptop computers. Too much heat can reduce the sperm quality and ultimately affect fertility. Cell phones have been found to have a negative effect upon the sperm quality of a man, causing very low sperm counts. The workplace and environment must be considered in the equation, especially if the workplace is hazardous to health. Working with pesticides, chemicals and poisons as well as radioactive substances, heavy metals and toxins all have the potential to negatively affect the sperm.

Lifestyle Issues - Diet and Exercise

Perhaps the biggest factor for a man to consider when it comes to doing everything he can to improve sperm count, motility and quality is to evaluate his lifestyle. Often, simple lifestyle changes can make the difference when it comes to conception. Starting in the kitchen, make sure the diet is nutritious and low in fats, sugars, fast foods and fizzy drinks. A healthy diet can increase male fertility. Get enough Vitamin C and consider taking a male fertility supplement to top up the nutritional intake. Working out is great, however really strenuous workouts can cause more harm than good in the sperm department. And, the use of steroids is begging problems with low sperm count, loss of motility and poor quality sperm as well as potential sterility.

Butt Out and Dry Out

Men who smoke or chew tobacco have low sperm counts and poor sperm motility - both of these problems drastically affect the chances of conceiving. Heavy alcohol consumption has a startling effect upon male fertility. Drinking more than six alcoholic beverages a day can cause hormonal imbalances and a man can suffer from low sperm count, poor sperm motility and poor sperm morphology (traits of the sperm).

Just Say NO

Drug use should be a no-brainer, but it does bear repeating. Marijuana results in loss of sperm fertility, and it happens to be illegal in many places. Prescription drugs may also affect fertility so it is a good idea to talk to the doctor about any prescription drugs to see if there may be a problem.

Fathering a child may require making some serious changes.


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