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How to choose the right hairstyle

Your choice of hairstyle says a lot about you. You want your hair to look attractive and highlight your features, but choosing a style is not an easy decision. There are many factors to consider, such as your face shape, trends and the cost of maintenance. Picking the right hairstyle will emphasize your positive features and allow you to feel confident with your look.

Facial shape

Oval - this is often seen as the ideal face shape. Almost any hairstyle looks good on an oval shaped face, from short to long.

Round - if your face is round, the aim is to try and slim the face. Hair should be worn below the chin line, as hairlines on or above the chin will make you look heavier. Avoid tapering styles around the face or rounded bangs.

Square - you will need a hairstyle that creates the illusion of length to your face. Bangs cut straight across the forehead emphasize squareness. Styles that fall to the chin or slightly above will make your face look wider. Softening the edges, curls and layers are all flattering for a square face.

Heart - for this shape you need a hairstyle that emphasizes the jaw line and narrows around the forehead. Shaping along the chin line, and hair that is layered and thick around the bottom will provide fullness to your face. Avoid straight and thin styles.

How do I find out my face shape?

The simplest way to figure out your face shape is by using your reflection in a mirror. Pull your hair off your face and look at the outline of your face and the size and shape of your forehead, compared to your chin. You can trace the outline of your face on to the mirror with a lipstick or soap. When you step away you will clearly see your face shape.

Tips for choosing a style

Money - do you have the money to spend on a high maintenance hair style? If your style will require regular visits to the salon, you should first calculate the cost to be sure you can maintain that expenditure.

Time - this is a question of lifestyle. Only choose a hairstyle that requires a lot of time to style if you are able to spend that time on your hair every morning.

Equipment - some styles need specific equipment, such as curling and straightening irons. Do you own this equipment already?If not, are you in a position to purchase it?

Pictures - take pictures with you to the salon to help communicate the style that you are looking for.

Be realistic - remember that hairstyles that look great on celebrities may not suit you if your face shape isn't the same. Ask your stylist for advice.

Be adventurous - you may have the urge to try a completely different style. If so, consider you face shape, get some advice and then go for it!

In conclusion, all you have to do is learn about your face shape in order to pick a hairstyle that suits you, and that will highlight your attractive and healthy hair.

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