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Sex and Romance: Female Erogenous Zones

We all like a little extra spice when it comes to romance. Add some titillating excitement and passion to your dating or married life by spending some intimate quality time with your significant other, by becoming familiar with her sensitive spots or in other words her erogenous zones.


What Are Erogenous Zones?

Erogenous zones are areas on the body with dense number of nerve endings. If these nerve endings become stimulated, they elicit a sexual response or in other words pleasurable feelings.

The famous erogenous zone of a woman is the clitoris. The skin over the clitoris is packed with nerve endings and becomes rigid if massaged with the finger or tongue. But the clitoris is only one of the seven erogenous zones that your lover has.


Female Erogenous Zones

Her other soft spots that you may want to familiarize with, include her:


  • Ears. Catch her off guard, by nibbling or gently squeezing her earlobe, and kissing her behind the ear. You may be in for a little treat when you see how she responds when you breathe into her ear, because most women find hearing their partner's excited breathing and muffled moans to be a big turn on. Oh yes, a big turn on.


  • Neck. The neck and not just the nape of the neck is a common hot spot for women. Gently massaging your lover's neck will help her relax. By covering her neck with kisses, you can let her to know you're interested and have something special planned for the night. Most women report that feeling their partner's hot breath on their neck makes them melt and ripple with shivers.


  • Breasts. The breasts are extremely sensitive to touch because the skin, especially around the nipples are covered with touch receptors. Some women can even experience nipple orgasm from having their partner gently massage, suck, or kiss their breasts. Nipple orgasms result because the nipples share the same "party line" to the genitals. Pay more attention to you're lovers breasts when cuddling together or before you have sex.


  • Buttocks. To get her going, you may want to gently caress her buttocks because this area respond well to touch. A little massage or light spanking may help spice up the evening.


  • Inner thighs. The inner thighs usually don't get the attention they deserve because they're so close to the vagina. But, most women have reported enjoying their lovers caress their inner thighs. So, why not try tickling or stroking her inner thighs, while cuddling together to watch TV or while you share the happenings of your day.


  • Feet. The feet are known to release seductive pheromones, catch your lover off guard by slipping of her sock and massaging her heel. Then, watch her gasp as her toe disappears into your mouth. Most women (and men as well) enjoy having their toes sucked. This sexual behavior is properly known as shrimping and can be extremely stimulating.

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