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Blue Jeans - A Little History Lesson

There was a time when jeans were the sole property of men on the range. Cowboys. Now they represent freedom from the status quo. It is almost impossible to tell where on the socio-economic ladder any person wearing jeans stands. They are the great equalizer in many ways. Jacob Davis invented the riveted pockets on jeans at the pocket's stress points in response to customer complaints. Davis couldn't afford the money to patent his idea so he partnered with Loeb (he later changed his name to Levi) Strauss, and the rest - as they say - is history.

Once the popular pants of the working class, because of their durability, they were also the symbol of the working man. Wealthier people just didn't wear jeans. Period. It wasn't until after the Second World War that jeans moved out of America (on the legs of servicemen) and into Europe and other foreign markets. In the mid-20th Century they were the symbol of The Rebel, made famous by James Dean and other young male actors. By the 1980s jeans had gone mainstream and designers from all across the board were creating their own version of them - which brings us to the 21st Century, and women and their jeans.

21st Century Women and Their Jeans

Now it is almost mandatory that a woman have at least two pairs of great fitting jeans. Once she finds one pair that fits, she'll wear them until they fall apart. That's just the way it is with jeans that fit well - they make you look great from any angle, they're comfortable, they go anywhere, anytime, paired with anything. However, the trick is to find the perfect fit - which is far easier said than done. There are a few criteria to fit that are a must with great jeans. First, your butt has to look fabulous, not like a barn door. You can't have "camel toe" in the front which results from the rise being too short, nor can they be too saggy in the hips or too tight in the waist. The truth is that if the jeans don't fit well they won't be worn.

Where to Start...

The place to start is with the various cuts that are available. Remember, not every cut looks great on every woman (at least not women like us), so the key is to find something that feels good, looks good and flatters your body type.

...Boot Cut Looks Good on Everyone

Women love boot cut jeans and it is easy to see why. They are great for most body types with a nice hug to the fit in the hips and thighs and just a bit of a flare (to fit over the top of your boots) at the foot. They're not wide like bellbottoms and they aren't as relaxed as flares. This cut is perfect for women who are embarking upon the jeans experience as well as those who appreciate a good cut.

If You're Tall, Flares are a Good Call

Flares are a good concept for taller women because they seem to take height away from the wearer. This is not the cut for shorter women - it tends to make them look frumpy. A slick cover-up word for flare is "trouser cut". Don't be fooled, it's really flared jeans in disguise and, unless you're tall, you'll look like someone cut off your legs. Bellbottoms, those fabulous mud catchers from the ‘70s should be left in the flower-child memory box or on the legs of sailors, not on today's woman.

If You're Short, Try Straight Cut

So then, what is a woman with shorter legs to wear? How about the straight cut? They fit in the butt and thighs but go straight to the foot from there. This cut makes the legs look longer, and if you allow some extra length and add a pair of great heels, you'll look much taller. On the other hand, if you are already tall, this cut will only stretch you out even more - so unless you want to look extra tall, leave this style to the shorter women. The cut itself is flattering on any body shape.

Skinny Jeans - Not for Every Woman

Skinny jeans - please be careful here. This fashion statement has been around for two or three years and it may well be finished in a year. This is not a cut that is suitable for all women, or even most women. Skinny jeans hug the body like a second skin. If your body is smooth and your legs are perfect, then this cut is probably already in your closet (or on your body). However, if you have a lump anywhere, inner thighs that are a big more luxurious than they used to be, or anything that you don't want on display, then this is a good pair of jeans to leave on the store shelf.

As we said earlier, the most important thing about your jeans is that they fit your body the way you want them to and you feel great wearing them. That makes them the best fit for you.

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