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Choosing Foods for Diabetes

If you’ve been diagnosed with diabetes then one of the first things you’ll need to do is tweak your lifestyle to help keep your condition under control and your overall health in check. And the first part of that is your diet. Choosing the right foods for diabetes is a crucial part of managing your condition.

While there are certain things that you’ll have to go without, there are plenty of delicious foods for diabetes that you’ll be able to enjoy. The key to being successful when it comes to changing certain habits such as dietary ones is to make them as pleasant as possible. There’s no room for boring and bland when it’s the rest of your life and your health that we’re talking about! You need to look at the foods for diabetes that you can have and come up with various new and exciting ways to prepare them. The better they taste, the easier it will be to eat healthy.

Making it Easy

If you’re having trouble figuring out just which foods for diabetes you should be eating, then a good reference is the Diabetes Food Pyramid. You likely know that every country has a food guide or pyramid that offers suggested servings of different types of food for health eating. This one is only different in the sense that the foods are chosen with diabetes patient’s needs in mind.

Here is the breakdown;

Grains and Starches – 6 to 11 servings daily
Vegetables – 3 to 5 servings daily
Fruits – 2 to 4 servings daily
Milk and Dairy – 2 to 3 servings per day
Meat and Meat Substitutes – 4 to 6 ounces per day
Fats, Sweets and Alcohol – Limited to small, special treats only

Your Doctor

Ultimately, the best source for guidance when it comes to foods for diabetes for your specific case is your health care provider. Not only is your doctor there to diagnose the condition and prescribe the necessary medications to manage the condition, but they can also help you deal with your new nutritional needs as well. Some doctors will also refer patients with diabetes to a nutritionist to ensure that they get the best possible advice on their own particular situation coupled with a personalized diet.

Diabetes is one disease whose symptoms can be greatly influenced by the food you eat. It can make you feel better or it can wreak havoc on your health which is why understanding what you need and how to ensure that you get it is so important.

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