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What's the ugliest part of your body?

An interesting survey indicated that when asked what the ugliest part of the body is, most people said it is their feet.  Imagine that.  Those trusty soles that have carried your weight all of your life, taken you everywhere you've needed to go, and stood you in good staid - ugly.  Unfortunately, because we spend so little time looking at them, we miss the need to care for them properly, until they start hurting.

With the warmer weather coming soon, our feet will be in sandals and open shoes, exposing the skin not only to sight, but to weather conditions as well.  Taking care of our feet is as important as taking care of any other part of our bodies and can be simple and easy.  Below are a few foot care tips to get your feet sandal ready and feet fine.

Treat them tenderly

Keep calluses and dry skin under control by removing dead skin with a pumice stone or abrasive foot scrub.   Soaking your feet in warm water and then using a heavy cream will loosen and soften tough skin and make it easier to remove.  Skin that isn't removed can thicken and then crack, opening the possibility to infection.

A warm, relaxing foot bath not only treats your feet, but works wonders on stressed nerves, soothing the entire body.  Put a few marbles in a foot bath or a basin with very warm water and some olive oil.  Rolling your feet over the marbles helps to stimulate nerve endings.  Exercise the arches and muscles of your feet by trying to pick up the marbles with your toes and letting them go again.

Massage your feet with a heavy cream, squeezing the top and bottom of your foot between your thumbs and fingers, and then pressing and pulling outwards toward the edges of your foot.  Don't forget your ankles! Circle your feet around and gently masssage around the ankle bone.

Preparing for Summertime

Since the soles of your feet do not secret oil, using a good moisturizing foot cream every day and again at night before bed will help to keep the skin on your feet soft and supple.  You can even put on a pair of cotton socks before bed to help retain the moisture in your feet.

Take some time to manicure your toenails.   A coat of pretty polish and some cream will make your feet look wonderful for those lovely summer sandals.

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