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Birth Control & Teenagers
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amhpgseverino - December 31

my friend's teenage daughter just asked her mom about birth control. that totally freaked me out because my kids are entering that age soon! what do you say to kids about b.c.?


asdin - October 2

she should be happy that the girl actually asked - rather than just going out and doing it. she should be honest and go through all of the b.c. options - maybe get her daughter on the pill and buy her some condoms. if she's going to do it - shje might as well be prepared


babygoodwin - October 2

i think there's more to it than that , asdin. she definitely needs to talk to the kid about the dangers of unpretected sex, about pregnancy, stds, etc. and also talk to her about why she wants to have sex - if she's really ready, etc.


georgie - October 2

i'm not sure about all of this guys. i'm a practicing Christian, so my kids are going to hear the word NO a lot. I don't want to teach them about bc becuase that's condoning the action - and i don't want them having sex until they are married.


asdin - October 2

I hear you georgie - and i have respect for your position, but don't you think that you are creating a potentially dangerous situation by simply saying NO to them. they may decide to have sex anyway - and then you haven't prepared them at all


nicolaruijne - October 2

Today things are a lot different from when we were kids. I think the best thing to do is to talk to kids about sex and birth control before they become sexually active.


sophia - October 2

I agree with nicolaruijne--the time to worry about sex and teens is B4 it happens.


thurmond - October 2

What do u say? U say to make sure they use it LOL!
Better a sexy teen than an unwedded mom!


schoendienst - October 2

I dunno. I just can't get that worked up over it. Teens have sex these days, the main thing is that they learn about how to have it safely!


beth - October 2

I think that kids are having sex b4 their bodies even know how to have a good time with it. Women need to have a patient lover to learn to enjoy it. What teenaged guy has patience to bring a girl to orgasm??


alaska_gurlly - October 2

hey GEorgie - lots of Christian kids get pregnant before they get married. hiding from it wont make it go away. don't teach them about sex and bc and you may be opening a door you dont want open. what about teacvhing them the stuff and gibing them good values to live by - then pray a whole bunch


rosemary - October 5

kids already know a lot more than you think they do and probably could tell you a few things. but you cant assume anything either. its really important to have open communication with your kids about this stuff otherwise, if something happens, they won't feel sagfe coming to you to talk


brandiboo86 - October 5

the truth always works. honesty about your position and about what they could be headed fro is a good place to start. get yourself educated enough to be able to explain things to them in a way they will get it and then prepare them for life



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