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Miscarriage "Pill"
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georgie - December 31

Does anyone know anything about the miscarriage pill? My cousin just had a miscarriage at 11 weeks and they told her that she could either have a D& C or have this pill which is sort of like a suppository. It makes you miscarry and clear out your uterus within 24 hours. I'd never heard of it...have you?


amhpgseverino - October 2

I hadn't heard of it either until i miscarried. it can only be used until a certain week (dont' know which week...somewhere around 12) and it works about 70% of the time. it if doens't work, then you have to have a D&C as well. it's supposed to be a bit painful - like a really really bad period - but it didn't hurt me at all!


beth - October 2

I hear the failure rate is pretty big. About 16%


schoendienst - October 2

supposedf to be real popular these days. You can take codeine for the cramps.


thurmond - October 2

Well, women like it cuz it's not surgery.


sophia - October 2

That drug is supposed to be for stomach ulcers. Isn't that weird?


nicolaruijne - October 2

yeah, sophia. Imagine if u had a stomach prob but you wanted to haVE a baby. If your doc gives u the abortion pill can u sue??


asdin - October 3

people sue for everything these days - so why not that too! seriouisly though - that would be terrible. it's an interesting choice for miscarriages bc it avoids surgery - unless it doesn't work and then you had all those cramps and still have to have surgery


babygoodwin - October 3

so, this pill was amazing for me. I was really scared when they offered it to me with my miscarraige at 12 weeks - they said there can be a lot of blood and a lot of pain. The doctor was shocked when i came back three days later for my checkup and said i hadn't had one second of pain. it was amazing - and it worked for me. definitely worth trying before going through a d&c - anything to avoid surgery is a good thing in my book


rosemary - October 5

man, they've got pills for everything. what are the side effects on this stuff? any long term damage? fallout?


Shygirl - November 17

I just went thru the process of using the miscarrage pills. I was diagnosed with a blighted ovum and the doc said eventually I would miscarry. she asked me if I wanted to wait or go with the pills if I didn't want to wait it out the pills will cause the miscarriage to occure much faster. she also told me that it would be like a bad menstrual period. And it was and I was in pain. I will never do that again. I was in pain for almost 2 weeks even though I stopped bleeding... I had some very dark red bleeding and little clotting. I need to return to the doc for a follow-up ultrasound to make sure the pills worked and cleared everything out. If not, I will have to have a D&C.
I will never do the miscarriage pills again. I felt like I was in labor. I felt pressure in my back, my butt, and my cervix felt so hard for days and I was cramping bad.... If that didn't work ...I suffered for nothing... I had to stay on pain meds...which barely worked...all I did was sleep. I still want to have a baby. me and my husband will go for it again.... I pray for a healthy pregnancy and a health baby to be brought forth. Though I had a ruff miscarriage... I still believe this pregnancy was a miracle from God... I'm 40yrs old and never had a baby and my hubby don't have any kid,s either....There was a prophecy spoken to us that we were going to have a child sometime 2010.. To God Be the Glory! God is still God and his word is Truth...
.This baby will be manifested..because God said so and His word is FINAL!


Br1tt4ny - April 17

i agree with shygirl. i am 18 and they said my baby stopped growing around 5 or 6 weeks. i thought i was almost 3 months and they wouldn't let me have a D&C. My miscarriage was a little over a month ago. That was the worst pain ever, but what hurt worse was knowing that i was going to have to flush my own baby. I will NEVER do that again. I don't recommend it at all. I'm a complete emotional wreck because i feel like such a horrible person for even doing it


leinickjess - April 20

I am with you , I just went through a miscarriage and I took the pills because I my doctor did not recommend the D&C because I have problems with anesthesia. I have a 14 yr old son and I am currently working and going to school fulltime. So, my pregnancy was not planned but I was getting excited even though at first I was not as excited as I was with my son. So, I was expecting my period and it never came and since I usually have my period every 26-28 days I thought it was strange. I took a HPT a day after my expected period date and it was positive, because the lines were some what faint I did not know what to think and , honestly , I was panicking because I have back problems in addition to my hectic life style and my only full term pregnancy was a difficult one. Anyway , I had a hard time believing the HPT because I was cramping since 2 weeks after my last period so , I thought I was ovulating . The camping continued and I started noticing changes in my body so , yes, I was pregnant and I was cramping and slightly spotting also. When I was 8 weeks I was lightheaded and the cramping got worse , so I went to the doctor and they sent me to the ER (they suspected a tubal pregnancy). There they did all kinds of tests but at that point the called it threatened miscarriage but told me go lay down and rest as much as possible . They also told me to go back in two day sooner if the pain was unbearable when I went back they measured my HCG levels and they have dropped in addition the vaginal ultrasound detected no heart beat. At the point they told me that I was actually having a miscarriage they told me to go home because I was already contracting they expected my body to pass everything on its own and told to get in touch with my OB by the time the OB took care of everything I was 9 weeks and he gave me the pills . Only he did placed the ones internally he told that the pain was going to horrible and it was. I think that in addition to the physical pain the idea of having to wait for the pills to do their job and to look at the toilet to see what was coming out every time I needed to go to the bathroom was making this horrible. I do not want to get pregnant again if I can help it. I was having contractions since the ER told me that I was having a miscarriage and for some reason my body thought I was in an actual full term labor so I also got constipated and that lasted four days the discomfort was horrible because the bad , bad cramps lasted at least a week. Right now, it has been 3 weeks and I still have abdominal pain, nausea, and all kinds of pregnancy symptoms my doctor said that it may take up to 6 weeks or longer for all the symptoms to away. I did not get the support from my husband that I expected and right now I don't even like I can ever get intimate again.
Has anyone felt like not wanting their husbands to touch them anymore?


j.rae0127 - December 15

Where can i get this pill to miscarry


rachael1988 - January 20

can anyone please tell me what this pill is called?


heartache2012 - April 18

Shygirl that is the exact same effect on me..Except I heamorrraged for 2 weeks straight till i couldnt take anymore and inally went to the hospital,Where they promptly gave me 4 litres of blood...SCARY...Now I'M NEVER GOING TO FALL PREGNANT AGAIN BECAUSE OF THOSE STUPID PILLS.....:-((


heartache2012 - April 18

Mistropal or some thing similar



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