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pregnant right after a period
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Ahana73 - January 13

I have missed my periods from last 4 months not because of pregnanacy but before 5 days i have sex. Is there is any chance to become pregnant?


Nickyj1991 - January 18

Hello and good evening I'm a little confused and need some help. I had unprotected sex a day before my cycle which was 12/15/13 and now my cycle for this month was suppose to come on the 16and has not yet came. But I am seeing dark brown spotting on my toilet tissue and Kotex. So what can possibly be going on?



I have a question...I have been on a weight loss for a year now. I have been having irregular cycles since mother nature hit me. When i turned 18 my cycle was comming every monnth.then it would skip months. Then last yr after starting this cut back my cycles was coming every month. I didnt have a cycle at all in november2013. I have been tracking my period using my days calendar app. I had a cycle on dec 15 and it ended dec 19. I had sex on 22,25,29,30,31. The calendar stated i was ovulating on the29th of dec. I also had sex on jan 3rd as well. I didnt have a period at all in jan. My period was suppose to start this month on the 9th but it never came. Me and my husband had sex on feb 10 anf on yesterday..after we had sex hours later i went to go pee and it was light pink blood as if i just started my cycle. So i changed and left and cameback and the sametging so i put on a pad. When i woke up this morning i wazcramping badly and my pad had. Blood. In it as if it was like close to the end of my period. I dont have children and never been pregnant. Im crying out for answers...someone help...im nervous and i want to do the right thing if i am....ANSWERS IS WHAT I NEED...COULD I STILL BE PREGNANT OR IS THIS MY PERIOD...O DONT EVEN KNOW IF I HAVE SYMPTOMS


manisha - March 17

I have sex vth my boyfriend on December 22 I got mensure on January 8 and then till now I had not got mensure for 2 months and 9 days is any chance of pregnancy plz help me


manisha - March 17

plz reply me


gailyPH - March 18

Hi there, hope you can help me with my problem. Hubs and i got unprotected sex March 2 and 4, last day of period was Feb28 and spot till March 2. Im feeling bloated and tightness on my tummy for weeks now. I think i'm pregnant but the home test said negative. Could i be pregnant? We already want to have another baby. Thanks in advance ;)


MELISSA - January 16

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Ttc221 - June 28

Had unprotected sex on the 11th and started my period the next day that lasted from the 12 -16 about 5 days (I had unprotected sex 1 time during my period) also on the 17 and 18. I had unprotected sex and on the 18&19 I noticed when I used the bathroom bright blood spotting when I wiped. (My period had fully stopped for two days so I don't think it was my period,plus my period was really dark and heavy) I also noticed white discharge on and off after the 18 ... any thoughts . (I took a pregnancy test but negative)....Also I read how some women spot after their period , I have never experienced spotting like that and also I did have for some days migraines almost non stop and every day(subsided now)


elizabethmichael848 - July 7

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