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Pregnant to Catch a Guy??
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thurmond - December 31

Hello, can you all help me figure out what to tell my dumba** sister who wants to get pregnant to keep her boyfriend. I can't believe how dumb that is. It's 2008, for chrissake! Like, she wants my father to shoot th boy, iffen he won't marry up, or something like that? Didn't they usta do that, like shotgun marriage, I think they called it?
Anyway, help me think of what to say to stop her before it's too damn late.


beth - September 26

Geez, thurmond. And you being so smart and all. How'd you get such a dumb sister? Different fathers?

Tell her that if he really loves you, he will stay with her no matter whether she is pregnant or not. If he's only staying with her because she's pregnant, she shuoldn't be marrying him, because the marriage won't ever last. No matter what she says. He'll hate her for what she did and never get over it.


nicolaruijne - September 26

That's unreal. I mean there's so many of us who have trouble getting preggers and here's a chick who just can do it on demand, and even use it against her guy to get him to do stuff for her. I can't believe it. Someone should rip out her womb with a wire hanger--ok, that's rough, but it makes me so MAD.


schoendienst - September 26

Nicolaruijne. Iffen I didn't know you for so long, I'd say your really mean! But I do know you and know that's just words, and I also know how much you went through. Maybe instead of getting mad, you could tell thurmond about the way your husband stuck by you through all the years youwer e TTC, and didn't have any of God's luck getting pregnant. He's still with you, because he LOVES YOU, and not a baby that isn't even here or can't get here too easy.


sophia - September 26

I don't think your sister should be even thinking about getting married. She sounds super immature. If that were my sister, I'd take her to planned parenthood but not tell her why, like make an excuse, then get her in to see a counselor who can talk her out of what she wants to do. She needs professional help, IMHO.


brandiboo86 - September 28

what makes her think he wont take off as soon as she comes up preggo? i think i might ask her why she feels like she needs this guy so bad. she sounds really insecure


jenny27 - October 23

tell her to look at statistics. how many fathers do you see in their kids lives, even when they did want them. men can be such idiots so tell her not to be so easy to spend her life away yet!


jennie_baby - November 16

i ave recently cos throw a very bad relationship and i wud advise u to sit down and talk to ur sister as my family did this with me and helped me work things out.
tell ur sister not to b with a guy hu doesnt want to b with her cos it neva works out they just cheat and get violent, i ave been through it all and she shud defo not get pregnant cos she will soon find out for herself and it will b to late! good luck u will need it cos she wnt listen.


MELISSA - January 16

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