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Spitting while Pregnant
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babygoodwin - December 31

I have a friend who has the weirdest spitting problem. She has a terrible taste in her mouth and has to spit constantly. She had this last pregnancy too and it went away the minute she gave birth. now she's got it again and she's actually embarassed to leave teh house! anyone know anything about this?


rosemary - October 3

dont know anything for sure but it sounds like it could be a chemical imbalance of some sort triggered by the pregnancy. maybe a naturopathic or herbalist type could help her out


sbernaba - October 5

this sounds really weird! never heard of it - but she should try to go to the doc or to a natural medicine person, like rosemary said. you don't mention if she's already tried to get help. at least it goes away when she gives birth - man the things we go ghrough for these kids!


amhpgseverino - October 5

too weird babygoodwin! i knew someone who had this once and i thought she was totally making it up. then i went to see her and couldn't believe how she was sptting every other minute. it was so gross! it must be either extra saliva that she's producing during the preg or a terrible taste in her mouth. they have meds for thsi stuff with cancer patients - i wonder if preg women can take it too


michelled3 - October 5

its so damned hard being a woman. guys get to spit all the time and now i see lots of young girls doing it. it;s really gross. i think she really should see a doctor. there's got to be something they can do for it which won't hurt the bby.


selassiay - June 27

Spitting is quite a common thing for some pregnant women, around the world. People need to realize that spitting is one of nature's laws of motion for women when going through pregnancy. Newton's 1st law of motion in Physics states that "every object will remain at rest or in uniform motion in a straight line unless compelled to change its state by the action of an external force" So, unlike the laws of Science, the law of nature for nearly every human being works differently. As such, every pregnant woman react to pregnancy differently. Hence, spitting is apparent to some but never to others, while they are in their 9 months or so motion of pregnancy. Therefore, if a woman is pregnant and is exposed to a different kind of hormonal change that caused her to spit, then, of course she is going to keep spitting until she delivers the baby, unless and otherwise the spitting is compromised, by some kind of medical intervention.


Jombol - December 28

I av exactly d same symptoms,im in my 3rd pregnancy,its now weird but a medical condition for few pregnant women.may stop b4 or after baby is born


MELISSA - January 16

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