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abnormal situation(longer period)
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sangykarthy - January 28

I am 26 yrs old and married for the past 2 yrs.Below is my health history.
I had irregular periods and on consultation with doctor,i was under pills for 6 months recently.Earlier also i was under medication for 2 cycles(1cycle-6months) but almost 6 months of gaps in between each of the cycles.Now about the recent 8 months history i will come.As i mentioned i was taking BC pill for 6 months which helps me in the irregular periods fix and also act as a BC pill (kristone35 ) was the pill which i used recently.The irregular period was more after my marriage and also i changed my country of residence after marriage.My pills cycle was over in October 2009.After which i had my first period with comparatively less amount of bleeding than what i used to have normally(without the pills).but then again in November and December I didn't get my periods.But my period started in the second week of January.It started with dark red color discharge on and off. After that it started with more of clots rather than flow of blood.The clots continued to come for almost 5-6 days.The actual clots started in the third week of january.Now i am in the fourth week of January and my periods haven't stopped yet.The flow is high for the past 5 days.I am still having clots but it is very much smaller than what i initially got and also the frequency is lesser(the clots).I have had some clots discharged during my periods after stopping the pills in the earlier cycles.I had this long period condition once earlier and had taken some pills to regulate it (It was after checking up with the doctor and as per the doctors prescription-registrone wast the tablets name).I am really worried about my situation now as the period has lasted for almost 15 days already(considering the full bleeding days).Is this an indication of a problem? or what could be the reason for such a situation?.I was also depressed mentally and physical and mental stress was also more recently.Just before my periods actually started,I started doing some work out and diet.(I started in the first week of January, and my periods started in the second week).I have put all about my condition.Can you please suggest me the reasons and also what i should do ?.I haven't consulted the doctor yet as i wanted to wait till my next 2 period cycles to know whether its a continuous problem and then consult.
I understand my case is a strange case, But I would really appreciate a doctors advice and reasons for the problem.

Thanks in advance.



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