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Bleeding After Baby
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amhpgseverino - December 31

So, I had a baby over six weeks ago. I stopped bleeding for a week or so and then started again. Is this normal? Has anyone else had this problem?


babygoodwin - September 25

Congrats on the baby! That doesn't sound good. Are you having cramping or other problems? I'd definitely get to the doc on that one. I stopped bleeding after about 4 weeks and didn't have another problem.


nicolaruijne - September 28

I had that onct. My uterus didn contract enough after the birth. I went back to my doc and he gave me some pills made me cramp like anything. I had to take to bed for a coupla days, but it made the bleeding stop.


alaska_gurlly - September 28

you really shold get that checked out. could be any number of different things and nothing to fool with


beth - October 1

Bad news. Did u go to your six week checkup? I don't think that's niormal.


schoendienst - October 1

I think that u don't have to look at the six weeks as a hard and fast rule, but u should have gone to your postpartum checkup. If u didn't, u should, and u can ask your doc while your there.


thurmond - October 1

I bleed on and off the whole time I nurse. My doctor sez its hormones. I know most women don't bleed when they're nursing. GUess i'm just unusual.


sophia - October 1

I heard about someone, they left a sponge inside her after a ceasarian. She bled and had pain for months. Finally they opened her up and find this sponge. She could have become unfertile. She sued. She's lucky she's alive. You're bleeding could be a symptom.


devyntaylore - October 2

could be any number of things, like everyone says. have you gone to the doc yet? are you still bleeding cuz its been a week since you wrote - how are you doing?


cole0843 - December 12

Yes I Had My baby 5 Weeks ago And I Stopped Bleeding for 4 days And It Started Again


luna83 - December 17

I bleed for 6weeks straight right after having my baby ... then it stopped for a week then I bleed again for another week. You should be ok. but if your concerned ask your doctor.



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