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Burning and pain
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kgarn - January 12

I hope someone can help me. For about the last three weeks I have had the constant urge to urinate, constant vaginal burning and pressure and the feeling like something is stuck in my clitoris. I have now been to the dr. twice, both my UA's have come back negative however today’s showed some blood (it was shrugged off because I just stopped my period Sunday) and it showed that I was slightly dehydrated. This was a first thing this morning appt. so I hadn't really had a drink yet. I am in constant pain and irritation. I have been drinking enough to float away, the pills you get to help the urge and pain don't work and today the dr. wouldn't even give me any help. She suggested I go have my pap done early and be screened for STD’s. This in itself had terrified me as 18 years ago I had a stage 3 dysplasia and had surgery. I have had clean pap’s since. I am also pretty confident my boyfriend is faithful so it did disturb me to think of having an STD. The inside of my labia is red but I am not swollen and have no cuts or anything like that near my clitoris. I would really appreciate any input as I am not sure how much more of this uncomfortable and painful felling I can take. Thanks!


Tasha_21 - March 27

well, you could be having UTI if the cause of the burning comes when you are urinating.. It could also be cause by STD, possible bladder conditions or urethritis.. drinking loads of water can help you to clear the infection in ya bladder with the help with some antibiotics etc.

does the redness at your labia itch?
if it does, could be some thrush or skin condition. the lip of the vulva (labia) is covered by ordinary skin which can be affected by eczema or psoriasis. try some feminine wash that is scented-free. try to wear loosen undies and unscented pantyliners.. you can try to apply anti-fungal creams if it's itchy. If itching is disturbing your sleep, antihistamine medication at bedtime may help. Ask your pharmacist for a ‘sedating’ antihistamine.

Have a different doctor for other views... Do tell her about your past visit and diagnosis.. Seeing a gynecologist would be good dear.. =)

take care and i hope you will be better.



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