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Confused and worried 18 yr old, who needs help =[
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Megan - December 31

Wondering if anyone can give me any insight as i have been experiencing severe problems since August. Currently changing GP's as my current one just tells me to take a pain killer and does not listen. I have always been in good health, full STD and UTI checks with no problems. Below is a list of my symptoms:

Severe pelvic pain - every day or two (I can barely stand straight)
Bleeding - I have bled for six weeks straight then off for two months then bleeding for three days, It is not a normal bleed, it is like clots. (I am not pregnant)
Bladder/urethra Pressure - Particularly irritating at night, there is no pain just a constant need to urinate and when i do it is sort of a dribble.
Weight Loss - I have lost around a stone in weight, I am now 5'9 and 112lbs despite constant eating a healthy diet.
Fluid retention - my face, tummy and other areas such as feet and wrists are bloated.
Lower Back ache
Deep internal Pain during Sex

This has been going on to long and its making me miserable, im too nervous to go to a gyno because th first and last time i had an internal check was a full internal exam, the docter was rough and put me in extreme pain, i cried and afterwards i began to bleed wear i had been torn a little.

Sorry for the huge post any help would be appreciated so much!!x


Megan - December 4

Sorry just to add another major symptom is constant dizzyness. x


poison ivy - December 5

megan i understand you are afraid because of your past experience. you have serious symptoms that are very hard to live with. you have to get over the fear and find a good dr. ask the women in your life for a referral for a gynocologist. you may need a sonogram. sounds to me like endomitriosis....i pray you find an answer and get better.


Megan - December 7

Thank you for your reply, i know you right i need to go. Thanks so much ill look up endometriosis. x



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