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Constant bloating and pain
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kirstieok - December 31

Hi there,

I'm 23 years old and been having problems since the beginning of Jan this year. Just after new year I picked up a urine infection. This was cleared up after 2 courses of antibiotics within a couple of weeks but I still felt some discomfort in my vagina and lower abdomen. After several urine samples, swob test and a smear test, infection in the bladder or vagina were ruled out and I was pretty much left to it. Now a couple months later I am still in constant discomfort, I am bloated all the time (sometimes extremely particularly in the evening) and I experience pain in my lower abdomen (like a jaggy feeling) and pain at my vagina (almost like pressure). I don't experience pain when urinating or during bowel moevements and frequency of both seem fine. I also don't experience any pain during intercourse and my period seem regular (although I am on the combined pill). Last month the day my period came I was in extreme pain all day, all over my stomach spreading to the groin, vagina and the tops of my legs. This slowly passed within a few days but I have never experienced anything like this in the past. My next period is due next Sunday and I am scared this will happen again! This is really getting me down and it's affecting my quality of life. I finally got a referral from my doctor this week to go for an ultrasound but I'm losing hope...I feel I'm going to be stuck with this for a long time, or forever! I also don't know if this is relevant (I doubt it is) but 2 years ago pre-cancerous cells were found after a smear test, these were promptly removed via laser surgery, and since then I have had regular smears and they have all been clear since.


smileanyway - March 30

Kirstiok, sorry to hear your having a hard time. Keep your chin up. Let me know how it goes.


kirstieok - March 31

Thanks smileanyway...I have my ultrasound on thursday so hopefully they will be able to find out from that what is going on. I'll update on how it goes.


lisa - April 18

You may have candida infection after antibiotic treatment.
Yeast infection is not always diagnosed but you also may have intestinal infection. You should treat it too or you will have cycles or both whole life. Use better natural stuff like coconut oil, garlic, asidofilius not only orally but put it in vagina.
Diet free of sugar and much carbs is inportant and immune systen support. Drugs will not help for a long time without it.
Search for Candida infection on-line.


lisa - April 18

Pain at the bottom of pelvic area is the symptom of adonomyosis which cause candida infection or estrogen dominance.

see this problems on-line.


gracefullcwgrl - May 4

I truley hope you find help with it soon. I have been dealing with the same thing since Jan of 2008. In the past month and a half they have done yet another ultrasound adding to the previous 4, they tested my bladder for intercystial cystitis (came back neg), then I went into diagnostic laproscopy 3 weeks ago to explore and doc said everything looked very healthy no cause for concern, and 1 week ago I went and had a hysterosylpingogram to check my tubes for good flow and all that came back normal. But here I still sit in constant pain, bloated so much I cant wear any of my pants and dress look like crap, constantly living off pain meds.... I HATE taking pills. The doc tryed changing my birthcontrol pills that didnt help in the least. I also have my periods two weeks on two weeks off, on the pill. Ive been tested for all the STD's 3 different times all negative. I get stabbing pains during intercourse and even more bloating after wards, and I also get the pressure feeling that you are talking about, the doc thought I was crazy when I told him.... actually I have seen 4 differents docs for this (all in the same office but, none the less, thay are all baffled) Everything they have tested for has come back normal. Its very frustrating, I feel for you. -Julie


gracefullcwgrl - May 4

By the way, Im 25yrs old and have a 6yr old daughter.



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