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Cuts, itching, burning
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AvidRunner - June 13

For almost a year now, I have these recurring cuts (almost like paper cuts) in the folds of my labia. Sometimes, the skin covering my clitoris will split and irritation will occur at the opening of my vagina. It is incredibly painful and accompanied with constant itching. Intercourse burns and is very painful (as if there is an internal blockage). I have been to several doctors who simply prescribe one cream or another. It isn't helping. I have been diagnosed with genital herpes, but have been told these are not symptoms of the herpes. Does anyone have any insight on this?


BellaRiddle - August 11

I've gone through the same thing, and I occasionally still do... and I know for a fact that I DON'T have herpes. I think one thing that it may have to do with is changing in seasons. One thing that I've noticed, is that during the hotter weather, you tend to get sweatier, adn so that builds... since we naturally have bacterial in our vaginas, it tends to 'infect' per say... I've noticed though, that if you dry yourself, after showers, baths, runs... anything that causes excess moisture, it helps lessen it. And attempt to not scratch at it too much, because that can actually make it so much worse, as it agitates the skin. Using just a regular, non-scented moisturizer for skin can help. THe moisturizer also helps in teh winter, when the cold weather dries skin out in general. The paper-cut-like cuts on teh labia, from what I've gasthered, comes from the dryness of the top layer of skin of the labia. The pain and burning can come from lack of lubrication... when you know you're having 'down-there' issues, it can actually become psychologically more difficult to become aroused, or to self lubricate... Using a store bought lubricant is rather helpful, and can add a certain flare to the sex life.
Hope this helps you out!



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