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Endless Vaginal Issues
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tbooker - December 31

I have had vaginal issues my entire life. I have always had an odorless discharge and itching. I have tried every over the counter medicine and prescription known to man, and it has not cleared up my problem. About 5 years ago I had a horrific outbreak and my vagina completely swoll up and my inner vagina was hanging on the outside, very raw and sore. I went to my gynecologist and was given chephalexin, which only irritated it more. I then received a different medication from another doctor within the same office, but it never worked. I then decided to seek a different opinion and went to a different gynecologist. I was given cotton swab tests and the doctor said he thought it was herpes, but was unable to tell for sure since there were no bumps or lesions apparent. I was given valtrex and that finally worked after taking it for a long time(30 days). I did not believe I had herpes, because my husband and I have both been monogamous for 9 years. My husband was even tested for it and the results were negative. The only possibility would've been a time when my husband gave me oral pleasure, and he had a sore on his mouth, that may have given it to me. I then had blood tests taken at my family doctor and the results came out 98% positive for herpes. I have still been experiencing itching, soreness, irritation and some stinging when I urinate or during or after intercourse. This vaginal issue has completely put a burden on my life and I don't know what to do. The doctor's have been unable to help me. The valtrex only worked the one time when I had the bad outbreak, and never again after that. I have been dealing with these problems my whole life, so I don't think it is herpes. I have had 2 abortions, 2 children and 2 miscarriage. I have been taking birth control for almost 8 years, but was off of it while I was pregnant. My husband and I do not use condoms, so I it's not irritation from the condom. I am currently taking ortho tri-cycle lo, and also a prescription called vyvanse for ADHD. I don't think those two prescriptions combined would be causing these symptoms. I have seen two doctors recently and was told I had bacterial vaginosis, but I have taken metrodonizole pills and intravaginal cream, and an entire 30 day valtrex prescription and nothing has worked. I have an appointment scheduled with a doctor I heard is a good specialist on May 7, and I think you or that doctor may be my only hope. I have also only had a total of 5 orgasms my entire sexual life, which is within 9 years. This problem is ruining my life, marriage, etc. Please help me in any way you can. Thanks!



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