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Fibroid, Ovarian Cyst & long frequent period
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wssd - December 31

I recently went to the doctor concerning severe lower right side back pain to the point of not being able to sleep for 2 nights straight and having my husband follow me around the house rubbing the middle of my back. It felt like back labor..no position was confortable..
I am 44 years old, 1 pregnancy -full term child died 36 hours after birth due to severe apnea of the lungs/gastrochesis(sp). I had my tubes tied back in 2002.
I have had normal periods lasting 3 days then quit for aday to resume for 2 more for years. Normal in Sept then a couple days after teh back pain I started and went a week, stopped then restarted and lasted 20 days (ranged heavy, clotty to light and pink) seems the more I moved around the heavier it became.. My doctor ordered labs which showed all hormone levels were good. White Blood cell count is at 14.5 (has been high for over 3-4 years in between 11-15) Have had all test imaginable for this (including bone marrow test and others) nothing shown.
I had an ultrasound that revealed: uterus 9.6cm in length,endometrium 7.0mm. small 11.0mm presumed fibroid of the fundus. Right ovary 2.5X1.4X1.7cm. Left Ovary 3.1X2.4X2.0cm There is a 2.0 cm cyst on left ovary.
Other symptoms: night sweats, back ache continuing, fatique, weight loss, weak feeling.
I did have cysts before back in 1991 when ihad my appendix taken out they found 2 and took them out then.
I am concerned due to female family history of having to have hysterectomy's. Grandmother had fibroids bad and had Hystro at 39, 1 Sister had one at 37 (fibroids) and my other sister had one at 39 (irregular bleeding). 1 Aunt had Hystro due to endometroisis(sp) my mother has not and has went through menopause at 53. I do not want to take any type of hormone pills. No one in my family every has and my aunt had breast cancer and so did a grandmother.
Any information would be greatly appreciated to understand this more. My appt with a Gyno isn't until first part of Dec...



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