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How to decrease sexual needs?
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Bonnie - August 8

I'm looking for a way to decrease my sexual drive. I've searched all over the web, but can not find anyone with a method that truly works. It seems to be pretty unusual with women, which of course doesn't really help me. I've looked into herbs, but none of which that actually does anything for me. I am happily married, and forever faithful, but my husband, due to health problems, do not have the same sexual need level as I do.

I do not want to continue having this drive inside me, and knowing my husbands is not on the same level, since I do not want to pressure him. But I can not ignore it either, as it is taking me over and starts to get too much for me to handle. I have way too strong needs to be normal, and as I am a very faithful women, I only want my husband, no one else! Nor do I have any interest in masturbation as my need involves the man I love with all my heart.

However, I can't let go of this need! I am lucky if I manage to go 3 full days without it, which happens very rarely. Even though I know he doesn't want it as often as me, I feel like I am forcing him into it with my attempts almost every day! Those times when I see that it simply won't work I can not help but to feel deeply depressed and hurt even though I know he can not help it and that it is nothing personal against me. I love him and I need to find a way to calm myself down in this area, for mine and my husbands sake. We have a wonderful marriage and I refuse to let anything risk it thanks to my unnecessary "over-needs".

I wonder if there is any treatment or medication one could take in order to decrease my sexual lust, because I do not know how much longer I can keep suppressing it without going into a very severe depression. I am very thankful for answers.


rhodora - June 8

first thing, I admire you being so very brave to share your story, it ain't that easy. we all have our needs in life for us to be satisfied. yours happened to be something not that normal. I suggest you should visit a psychologist to address your problem as this has something to do with your behaviour to handle the urge of sexual drive. help yourself out, be active, find leisure, keep yourself busy and preoccupied, so you won't think about having sex. when you are exhausted, you just want to sleep right away.



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