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I need help understanding my lab reports!
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Mehana - December 31

I went in for my yearly physical and my PAP smear came back as HGSIL. So I went in for a Colpo. At the Colpo she took 3 biopsies. When the results came back she had me come in for a LEEP. While at my appointment I got a copy of my colpo biopsy results and would love if someone could translate thhis to english for me. I have already had the LEEP and I am now awaiting those biopsy results. By the way I have had three children and was still unprepared for that kind of pain.
Here is a what the first two biopsy reports came back as:

Specimen #1 contains HGSIL CIN 2 and changes indicative of HPV. Superficially there is koilocytosis associated with nuclear atypia *deviation from the normal.
*. In the underlying epithelium there is a proliferation of cells which demonstrate disordered abnormal maturation. Mitotic activity is noted in the middle third. Focally some of the changes approach CIN 3.

Sections of specimen #2 contain LGSIL HPV and CIN 1. The lesion is composed of squamous epithelium in which there is at least focal mild disorder and atypia confined to the basal third of the squamous epithelium. Rare mitotic figures are identified above the basal layer. Superficially there is koilocytosis associated with hyperkertosis and parakeratosis. Atypical nuclei are noted in the koilcytes. A high grade lesion is not present

The third just said my ECC was fine.

Please help me as this is all so confusing and scary.


Tasha_21 - March 27

Hey there.. I think its better if you were to bring this copy down to your doctor and let him give you a full explanations..

Atypia means abnormality in cells.

Koilocytosis atypia is actually abnormalities of cells of the stratified squamous epithelium of the uterine cervix, it may be premalignant.

These changes occur in the presence of human papillomavirus and occasionally can lead to cervical intraepithelial neoplasia, and eventually malignant cancer. (it's better to have the doctor explained dear)

#2- it says that it has a rare mitotic figure above your deep layer of the endometrium. On mucous membranes, parakeratosis is normal.

it's better to get it to a professional doctor to explain it to you.
I may be a nurse but i'm not so sure to explain to you in full detail dear..



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