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Intense back and lower back pain one week after period.Help!
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hf22 - October 11

For the past 3 years I have been getting severe pelvic and back pain starting about 3 days after my period ends and lasting 3-6 days. There is also a thick white discharge that seems to accommodate this pain. I have had internal ultrasounds which have showed cysts which I am told are normal but have never had an ultra sound the week after my period when the pain is intense. If my kids accidentally push on that area it is intense pain. My paps have all been normal. I do have a tipped uterus. The pain almost feels like an infection. Periods are very heavy for 7 days, but predictable. Anyone have any idea as to what is going on? The symptoms continue to get worse and I am in desperate need of help! My gyno says I have 3 options....an I.U.D, exploratory surgery or a pill that will put me into early menopause. I'm 36, all options are not appealing to me! Thanks so much. Your thoughts are greatly appreciated!


bambi - December 29

I experience the same thing. The week after my period I am miserable and the week before. I have very light periods and always have. It has been going on for about 9 months or so, maybe a year. The pain is terrible. I feel like I have a cactus in my uterus and the spikes are shooting into my ovaries. Its nauseating. I also get pain in my groin. Mainly on the left side as well as the intense lower back pain on the left side. I have an apt with my doctor in a week but I fear he will tell me its normal. I have pain with sex and sometimes bleed afterwards. It seems like I only get one week a month of relief from this pain. I have several exams with the NP I have seen since I was 18. I am 28 now. She tells me its normal, I am just a crampy girl, because I don't have an infection or STDs upon examinations. So she doesn't see why I am in so much pain. Does anybody have any thoughts?



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