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Lower abdominal/Pelvic pain
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BabyBonny - December 31

I have been suffering from lower abdominal pain for years now, usually on the left side but occasionally in the right. I put it down to period pains at first, although it occured usually in the middle of my cycle, but i was assured this was normal by the doctor. Gradually however the pain became more severe and i was rushed into hospital with suspected appensicitis, needless to say it wasn't and i was discharged. My doctor suggested i took Microgynon to help with my "period pains" but i stopped taking it because it was making me vomit. The pain became gradually less severe and manageable. About six months ago the pain got worse again and i avoided seeing a doctor, i didn't realy want to go through the whole process again. I went to see the doctor just after Christmas and have been throught the STI checks (clear) and have Ultrasound examinations next week. The thing that has really thrown me is the mention of Endometriosis, it was not my own Dr. who mentioned it, but the Gynae he recommended i saw. I became engaged about three months ago, and we do want children, unfortunatly my partner was born with only one working testicle, if i did have Endometriosis how likely are we to be able to conceive? And for that matter with my symptoms, irregular bleeding, stomach pain, pain during/after intercourse, vomiting and lower back pain, how likely do you think it is that it is endometriosis? I know it's a long post but i'm beginning to panic and could do with a level headed opinion, unfortunatly not one my fiance can give me right now.


covgurl - May 10

hello, i totally understand where u are coming from, i am 19 and i have been experincing everything that u have mentioned here plus some other symptoms too. i have been to see 3 diff docs and i have had and ultrasound of the pelvic and abdomen, all came back clear, during the ultrasound my ovaries were also checked and they were said to be healthy. the docs are totally baffled as too what this could be.
so i decide to do some research on the net and i have found some conditions that match my pains and symptoms some of the ones i found were:
*ovarian cysts
*ovarian cancer

i recommend that u do your research and collect it then go bk to ur doc and show them what u have found and suggest tests for each one of them. for us i think this is more of a process of ilimination. i wish u the best of luck with this and please keep me posted on what happens, as i would also like some insight in to what may be wrong!!



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