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Oophorectomy and weight gain/depression
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javamom - December 31

I had one ovary and fallopian tube removed October 2008 because of an 8cm tumor that was attached.
Since then, I have put on 10 pounds and have been feeling pretty low and have been moody. Ten pounds does not sound like a lot to some people, but for my small 5'2" frame, the weight gain on my thighs and abs make me look constantly pregnant.
I do not overeat...could any of this have to do with the oophorectomy? It was only one ovary that was removed.
Thank you for your assistance.


boatbabe - January 25

I've been asking the same question. I had a dermoid cyst and one ovary removed last July and now have love-handles and a jiggle-belly!!! I've never had them before. My mood swings could be accounted for by peri-menopause, possibly, but this weight is very annoying. I'd appreciate any feedback as well. Meanwhile, javamom, you're not alone.


lucybrasco - October 4

Same here ladies!

I had a partial oopherectomy due to tennis ball sized dermoid cyst that had twisted my ovary twice.

After the emergency surgery, I felt better knowing that it was THAT that was causing me to gain 10 lbs in the course of a year! (from 119 to 129) So depressing- given that it was the first year of marriage and I'm a small person - so I gain weight very painfully.

SIX Weeks to the day of my surgery I am even bigger...I can't fit into my clothes.
I haven't weighed myself. I can't take the dissappointment if I'm more than 129.
I don't want to give in and buy new clothes - THIS is not my new body. I feel like I'm in someone else's body. I had my hormones tested about 2 weeks after my surgery - they came back normal. Should I have waited longer to take the hormone test? I am off Yasmin as of a few days ago.

I already eat well and exercise (run about 3-6 miles day depending on how much time i have).

I refuse to accept this change.


Tammy - October 10

It could be related if your other ovary isn't functioning correctly. An MRI is the best way to view you ovaries , navasive to you. Your ovary that was left inside of you may also be over loaded and working really hard and out of sync, and not producing enough hormones. you may need to have your OB test your hormone levels and if low give you some meds to increase then.



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