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painful intercourse! please HELP!
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Easton - December 31

I have been in a relationship with my boyfriend for about 11 months now. we had a great sex life but for the most part but for about 4 months now it has been extremely painful to have intercourse with him.

i went to my doctor and got a pap smear and full physical done and it turned out i had trich. both my partner and i were treated for this with medication and we both received a full STI check from a sex clinic afterwards.

i thought all of this would solve the problem but sex is still uncomfortable (although its not AS bad) i have absolutely no sex drive anymore when it comes to having intercourse with him but when i am alone i still masturbate and orgasm easily. when we do have intercourse it feels really uncomfortable no matter how much lubrication we use or how turned on i am it ALWAYS feels dry inside and really tight (i am 21 and have been having sex since i was 17!!) it also feels like i have to pee really bad during intercourse. certain positions are better then others. every position is painful except rear entry with me completley laying flat stimulating my clitoris. the pain is worse in the begining of my vagina, deep shorter thrusts are better but GETTING deep is an obstcle.

PLEASE HELP!! i dont know what else to do and it is ruining my relationship!!


Patricia - February 11


I had the same problem, when my boyfriend and i started having sex it was great but a about 3 months ago intercourse started hurting really bad, ever since i started having sex it has always hurt at the beginning but this time it was different. I went to the doctor and it turned out that i had Vaginal bacteria so she prescribed pills that i had to take for 7 days twice a day, she also gave me pills for a yeast infection. It has been now a month and i feel like it helped, it still hurts sometimes but only when i feel like its too deep. Maybe you should go back if the pain hasn't gone away.



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