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Painful UTI symptoms but no infection found-(
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Lauren23 - December 31

I am a 24 year old female that has been experiencing excruciating pain in my urinary tract for many years. For the longest time, doctors would inform me that the pain was caused by a urinary tract infection and they would prescribe me the appropriate medication to cure the problem. After finishing the medication, I would be back in the doctors office with the same symptoms, only to find out that there was no infection found in my urine to diagnose me with a UTI. Eventually my obgyn finally suggested I see a good urologist. I was later prescribed pills that I was ordered to take every-time I had intercourse. He informed me that my symptoms were very common is young women my age and that the medication should help with the pain. I did as he told me and once again.... No help! Later I went to another urologist who dilated my urethra and once again.... NO HELP. I later saw another urologist who decided to put me to sleep and test me for something called internal cystitis. He said the main thing that he was checking for were ulcers in my bladder. After the surgery was over, I found out that I did not have ulcers like he was thinking. He prescribed me to a medication called Elm-iron which is used to help with internal cystitis symptoms. After taking the medication, I realized that it was not helping with my problem. I notice that the symptoms occur 24 hours after intercourse. The only thing that helps relieve the pain, is AZO. Which is very harmful to my kidneys if taken a lot. When the pain is really bad.... all I can do is sit on the toilet for hours until it goes away. I almost lost my job because of this issue I am having that nobody can seem to figure out. Does anyone have any suggestions for me? Or has anyone ever experienced these kind of symptoms?

1. Burning during urination... mainly triggered by intercourse.
2. Sitting on the toilet helps along with AZO.
3. No sign of STDS


Lauren23 - December 28

Please help


VitaminE - March 7


I know how you feel! I am a 25 year old female and for the past few years, I had several UTI's, mainly caused by intercourse. But I started to get freaked out when the doctors told me it wasn't a UTI but it felt the exact same as an infection. One occurance, I was treated for an STD at the hospital and it all went away the next day. This whole thing is a mystery to me.

Now, after sex, I take 2 AZO cranberry pills, go pee and clean up. I haven't gotten a UTI since, and its been about a year. But some days I notice that it either burns when I pee or I have a pinching/pressure feeling after I pee for about a few minutes to an hour.

I decided to see a urologist and she told me my culture came back fine. No infection. So I did a TON of research online and found that D-Mannose is helpful. I take about 4 capsules a day when I feel the symptoms come back and it releaves the pressure, urgency and burning. It's not a drug and is natural.

I'm no doctor but I just wanted to share with you what works for me because my heart goes out to women who are suffering like this. I know how terrible the pain is!

I do take about 6 AZO cranberry pills a week though. Is this harmful to kidneys?



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