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Pelvic Pain & Vaginal Bleeding
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carolannmcaulay - February 26

I started having vaginal bleeding in May last year which continued for 4 months contstantly with extremely heavy bleeding and clotting along with severe pelvis pain. The bleeding stopped after 4 months the day before I was to attend an appointment at Gyno at my local hospital. I was told that as the bleeding had stopped i definately didnt have cancer and it was probably the dance of the hormones.

Obviously I wasnt happy with this reply and went back to my GP who made another appointment with Gyno. I had already had a smear test, internal examination and ultrasound which were clear. The new Gyno advised again it was a problem with my hormones or endemitriosis and advised on fitting a coil.

During all this time my period returned to normal although I was still having extreme pelvic pain which would also carry into my hips and tops of my leg.

I had the coil fitted on 2nd December 2010 and was advised it may take a couple of months for things to get better.

The week after I took my period which was when it was due however this time it lasted for 3 weeks and then I had 1 week without which it has continued doing up until now.

Again the pelvis pain continues to worse and is painfull even when I am not bleeding and also when I try to go to the bathroom.

I have since returned to my GP who again wants to send me back to Gyno but advised he needs to do another internal first however I keep needing to cancel the appointments as I do not know when or how long I am going to be bleeding for.

I am concerned that I may have some form of cancer as this I believe can be associated with so many types although I wouldnt say I have became paranoid about it but I do not know how long I am going to have to wait to find out what is causing this and I have already been suffering for 10 months.

Please please help any suggestions would be extremely grateful.

Many thanks



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