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nicolaruijne - December 31

Okay, this is really gross, but I've had this pimple for awhile...you know, down there?? Anyway, I think it's turning into a boil :-(
I tried to lance it myself, and it drained a bit, but it's just argh! so disgusting. I really didn't want to have to go to the doctor with this :-((
I was thinking to try hot baking soda compresses. Any other ideas? Help me out here, guys!


sophia - September 25

Wow! That's terrible. Glad I'm not you...okay, that's not very supportive, is it??

Look, nicolaruijne, I think you have to go to the doctor. This is your genitals, after all. You need to take care of this.

My 2 cents.


thurmond - September 25

Sophia's right but for the wrong reasons :-))
If it's a boil, that could be a sign of diabetes. I read that in a woman's magazine, I think.
You need to get your sugar tested. Believe me, your doctor would want to know about this.


schoendienst - September 25

I'm with thurmond. I heard that, too. Plus, your doctor needs to give you some antibiotics. That kind of thing can be hard to get rid of and needs medication. Lancing and all that probably won't do the trick and may end up causing you an injury.


beth - September 25

Oh Nicolaruijne, you're being a total nitwit. Get hyour butt to the doctor willya???

What? You think he's never seen an ugly grebe down there before???

He gets paid to look at *hi* like that ;-)


mynssa - October 9

I know this is probably a bit late but this would be for others who might have the same issue.
Could be an ingrown hair or a pimple that becomes a boil, either way you're going to be dealing with infected materials if it bursts or starts to drain.
If not taken care of properly it could cause other infections.
Best thing to do is to take a hot cloth and put it on it and get to a doctor as soon as possible so you do not risk spreading an infection.



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