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severe pain on right side,related to pcos?
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chelle86 - December 31

im posting this in here hoping someone will be able to help me seen as the doctors seems to be too busy to speak to me!!

i am 23 yrs old and when i was 16 was diagnosed with PCOS and was just told that nothing further would be done as i wasnt "trying for babies"

for the past 2 years ive been getting on and off pain in the area of my right ovary,the pain hasd been bearable and as it comes and goes i didnt go to the doctors

on new years day this year i got up and could not stand up straight as my lower back hurt very badly, i just put this down to sleeping funny. a week later it was so bad i went to the doctors and she just said take painkillers and it will go away,so i did,
a week later i started getting the pain on my right side, near my ovaries, only this times it was a million times worse. it would go from a burning sensation, to sharp short pain and then just a dull ache. its there constantly when im standin up or walkin round and the only way to get relief is to sit or lie down.
i went back to the doctors as it was so bad and she sent me for a pelvic untrasound and an internal ultrasound and also blood tests

the results came back as follows: my ovaries are "very" polycystic but there is not a cyst, i have a slight lining on my womb (endemetriosis) and from the blood tests im not producing any eggs, which is obvious as i have never had a period,apart from when they put me on the pill for a week to see if i could have one which i did but for some reason i cannot have them naturally.

she has referred me to the gynocologist and i have to wait 6 WEEKS!!

i was very close to ringing an ambulance on saturday night as the pain was so bad i didnt no what to do with myself, i couldnt sleep,drink eat all i could do was roll around on the floor crying.
the doctors do not seem to be listening to me and said theres no way i can get to see the gyno before 6 weeks.
today is is very bad also. my legs and back are hurting aswell as the right side.

sorry for the essay but i am hoping and praying someone may be able to shed some light on what this could be
thanks xx



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