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Severe sudden pain with intercourse
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joannes1985 - December 31

Im 23years with a history of this dating back age 16. Starting at 16 severve sudden pain with intercourse, or moments after. Pain would started like a bullseye and radiate within 30seconds to all of my abdomin and back. Cripply, stabbing throbbing hurt to bad to cry pain. Couldnt move, felt paralized in pain. I couldnt localize the point of pain as it was so severe all over. Usally would calm down just over an hour. typically within 2hours i could stand up straight. 1 bout once last for 8days with no reielf. I had irregular periods sometimes being no existance for months. Periods werent anymore painful than they should be. Except once, i was on the floor in a tanning salon and couldnt move. Sometimes multiple periods in a month. Endometriotis was ruled out with laprasc. surgery. this pain happend for 1.5yrs minium 1per week. During this time i had atleast 15 UTI's. Wasnt on birth control. Was on Depo-prevera for 6months bleed the entire time. Countless ultrasounds showed some cysts nothing ever major thou or multiples of. Relationship ended, problem went away as i was not sexually active. Periords did really good for a few years, pretty regular sometimes wonky. Then i missed my period for 8months. got it for 1 month and was pregnant the next month(only in a relationship with partner for 2months). Had healthy baby girl. Every thing was fine, period came regulary, 1 bout of pain the same as before, with intercourse. fine for a year. This year period stopped for 3months, not pregnant, got it twice in same month, missing it for past 2months. Today i had another EXTREMELY painful exprience during intercourse. Couldnt move hurt to bad, couldnt cough, couldnt cry, It was bad. My doctor gave up figuring out what it could be afew years ago as my symtoms disappeared. Were trying for another child now. PCOS, was ruled out as even though a few symtoms patched, there were too many that didnt. Im thin, not hairy, not full of cysts, my hormone levels were good then aswell. Never had a STD either. Was also never found to be pregnant besides the one time i was. HELP ME PLEASE!!!



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