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UTI - Strep B
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tahoe gal1 - December 31

Hello, I have been having a terrible case of what I thought was urethritis after a visit to my gyno for my yearly pap/exam (I am not pregnant). This urethritis has happened for my last 4 visits to this gyno and I am wondering if they are possibly contaminating my urethra with Strep B from my vagina when they are doing the exam? Like I said this has happened the past 4 times at the same gyno - never before in 38 years of having vaginal exams.

When they dipped the urine it shows no infection. I ended up in the ER 2 nights in a row and they gave me pyrethim and percocet and did a culture which turned upstrep B in low numbers.

My dilemma is this - I was hospitalized in August and while in the hospital caught C. Diff which after 3 rounds of Flagyll (last dose ended Set 3) I now test clear for c.diff. But it has only been a little over a month since the flagyl for the c.diff. I have been on tons of probiotics - including Supernatant which is supossed to prevent c.diff while on antibiotics. The doc wants to put me on Doxycycline (I am allergic to pennicillin) for 10 days. I am concerned about c.Diff returning.

What are your thoughts about going on Doxy, anohter antibiotic or any alternatives?

Sign me,

Miserable in Lake Tahoe


WaterWoman - October 27

WOW to walk a day in your shoes...... I would contact some local business authority like the better business bureau and report that clinic. Or just not go there anymore. Doctors only know you as well as you know yourself. Get more opinions, if you can. See multiple doctors and don't be afraid to ask questions and disagree with them. They usually don't like this but a doctor that is going to help you will help you, and one that just wants to get you out the door to see the next patient will do just that. Modern medicine can also be overwhelming and scary. There are a lot of natural treatments that work but doctors can't and won't tell you about them. (No $$ for them). Do your research and get another opinion. Good luck to ya.



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