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beth - December 31

I'm in my fourth month and still vomiting. Is that normal?


schoendienst - September 25

It's probably not a problem. It's still early on.


thurmond - September 25

Well, I had vomiting all through my pregnancy, and it got worse as I got bigger. My doctor thinks I had a sliding hiatial hernia. The bigger I got, the bigger the hernia got. It was pushing the food back out of my throat.


sophia - September 25

Wow, thurmond, it's like you were bulimic or something.


nicolaruijne - September 25

OKay, beth, I dunno if it's normal, but DH is a dentist. He tells pregnant women that they have to watch out with the vomiting because the acid can eat away the enamel of their teeth. Make sure you brush and rinse every time you puke if u wanna keep your pearly whites.


rosemary - September 25

every woman is different and every pregnancy is different. just make sure you're hydrated and eat lots of crackers - seems they stay down okay for most women. there's a med out now that can be taken while you're pregnant and won't hurt the baby. my niece threw up every day through 3 of her 4 pregnancies, everyone lived to tell about it


amhpgseverino - September 28

Yep, sounds normal. You'll be able to tell your little one about what he "did" to you all those months! it sounds like it sucks - but it's not abnormal. Try to eat crackers before you get out of bed - try fizzy drinks...anything that will help you. hang in there! it's for a great purpose although it feels like hell now - i know.


devyntaylore - October 2

must be a girl. i threw up for what felt like forwever when i was preg with my girl.


mynssa - October 9

I continued to be sick up until my 7th month. As long as you aren't loosing drastic amounts of weight I wouldn't worry too much. Though if you are concerned talk to your doctor about it.


Fijona - December 10

Probly 'cause the little brat is starting to kick you, making you nauseous... awe, babies!



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