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weird periods...any advice?
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PinkPixie22 - December 31

In February I had a miscarriage... since then my periods have been weird. I only bleed very light for 2 days. I am seeking advice if possible because I can't really afford to go to the doctor right now Im a little short on cash and do not have medical insurance right now. If any has any advice I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you for taking the time to read this.


Tasha_21 - March 27

Hey there.. It's normal.. You should be having a normal period flow in the next month or so.. =)

Technically, when things go perfectly, your first period will not arrive until four weeks after your hCG levels reach zero. Since most women will not be tested all the way to zero (which on your forms would show as "less than 5"), you will not know exactly when this will happen. In a normal recovery, it can take three weeks for the hormone chain to fire up again, and it will not be marked by bleeding or any physical symptom. You will only know that the new cycle worked by having a period at the end of it, between five and seven weeks after your miscarriage.

Here are the most common scenarios and symptoms that go with them. They come from a decade's worth of collecting women's experiences, from the easiest and quickest recoveries to the most elongated and complicated ones.

Remember that the day you found out about the loss is not a benchmark, nor is the day you began bleeding. The actual hormone change begins to take place either during the D&C or when the placenta pulls away from the uterus during the natural miscarriage, which is usually when the cramps and bleeding are at their worst. That is Day 1 of the recovery (but not Day 1 of a new cycle, as you will see.)

he most common recovery goes like this:

Your bleeding will taper off to spotting within a week, and maybe random spotting will continue for another week. Your hCG drops steadily, usually hitting zero during the end of the spotting, or about 10 days after the miscarriage or D&C. When the spotting ends, you will get strange symptoms. If you use a fertility monitor, it may say you are ovulating, but you are not. You may see lots of cervical mucus coming out, sometimes still brown or yellow, but it is not a fertility sign either. In fact, most of the time, you will not ovulate in this cycle. You should not be trying to get pregnant, either.

Some women find they have mild pregnancy symptoms, or little ovulation cramps. Many many women think they could be pregnant, because strange things are happening and their period is "late" (although almost every post-miscarriage period is late.) These symptoms are due to the body's attempts to regulate its hormones again. It may kick into gear right away, and you will get a new period in four to five weeks, or it may struggle a bit, and the period will not come for seven weeks. If you chart your temperatures, they will be all over the place. This is all perfectly normal and expected. Eventually your period arrives and can be either light or heavy. There is no "normal" right now.



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