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yeast infections
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christa - December 31

Hi everyone,

i'm about 6 months pregnant and i keep getting yeast infections. is this normal? does anyone else have this problem? does anyone know what i can do to prevent these from happening, its really horrible.


nicolaruijne - September 25

I heard that betadine doushes are good for that. Theyb like restore your PH balance or something. Supposed to be messy, though.
I also don't know if it's okay to doushe when you're preggers. Could shoot too much air into the vaginy.
I read that you shouldn't use soap down there, too. Plain water keeps things the way they aorta be.


michelled3 - September 25

know what you mean - itchy and stuff. i think they sometimes prescribe antibiotics, but you should check with your obgyn cuz you're prego - might have to do something else


schoendienst - September 25

Yogutrt is supposed to be good. Plain yogurt. You put it in an empty tampon cardboard holder thingy and freeze it. It's like a yogurtsicle :-) You can push it in there and it feels good and the good bacteria in the yohurt attack the yeast. Garlic's good too, if you don't mind the smell ;-) Just put in a whole clove and change it once in a while. I like these natural cures cause they don't hurt the baby


sophia - September 25

Oh. I had that, too. Like the whole pregnancy, just about. You should know that the baby can catch it during delivery, but not in the crotch, usually in the mouth, like thrush?
Try like hell to get rid of it before then. Just keep trying the different prescription meds from your gyn. nicolaruijne is right abotu not using soap. Just plain water is the right thing to do.
Good luck!


thurmond - September 25

I always wondered about that. Why does pregnancy make you get yeast infections?? I can't figure it out. Does anyone know why that happens?


beth - September 25

R U sure it's yeast? There are other things that look like yeast and can hurt the baby. You should really make sure. When's your next appt with the gyn?


michelled3 - September 25

do you have bacterial vaginosis? check it out with your doc - it's pretty serious if you do


michelled3 - September 25

hey thurmond - there are a few different things that can cause a yeast infection like antibiotics, allergies to pads and too much sugar in the blood. sometimes it is confused with other types of infections so it might be good to have it checked out



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