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nicolaruijne - December 31

Hi all. I've been really depressed since I went into menopause, about a year ago. I really loved having kids and it pains me to think that I won't have any more. I can't seem to get over this hump. Did anyone else go through this. I can hardly get out of bed in the morning, I feel so bad.


sophia - September 25

Oh nicolaruijne. I'm sad for you :-(
Be kind to yourself these days but let yourself mourn. That;s what it is, you know. You're mourning the loss of your fertility and all that means.


thurmond - September 25

nicolaruijne, I agree with sophia. I think that one morning, your MOURNING will be over and you will take a deep breath, look out the window and see that the sun is still shining and the sky is still blue.
There's life after menopause, just hang in there.


schoendienst - September 25

I felt like that. My DH got so worried about me, he made an appt with the doctor, pushed me literally into some clothes and took me there. I needed medication to get over that. Don't ignore this, because it's dangerous. Get help, or get someone to get you help, if you can. Let us know what happens, k? We care.


beth - September 25

Wow, you people are really scaring me. i'm in what I guess they call perimeno, but I know it won't be long now. I just have a bit of dryness down there, but I'm worried about real menopause. I'm scared I'm going to grow a beard and get a low voice or something :-(


rosemary - September 25

sure did. I was still wanting to have babies when I turned 50. antidepressants are one way to deal with it, but exercise is another. get outside if you can - and try to focus on the good stuff - i know its hard, but you have kids who still need you, regardless of their age - oh, and a husband who's probably really worried


devyntaylore - September 25

oh beth - grow a beard? actually, menopause can be a really great time of life - no more pads and no fear of coming up pregnant when you least suspect it.


amhpgseverino - September 28

As usual, the group has great things to say. it seems like you might need some antidepressents. it's natural to feel sad about leaving a period of your life - but your sadness sounds intense and i think you should get yourself checked out. every stage in life has its ups and downs - try to enjoy this new time and all the possiblities it can bring you. say goodbye to diapers and hello to time for yourself!



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