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Do you have acid reflux with hot flashes?
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lisa - December 31

Recently I was diagnosed with low adrenal hormone and low progesterone in comparison to estrogen function with saliva test. I believe it is mostly from Candida infection I had but I had such fatigue once in the past too. I had adrenal granular supplement for 10 days and natural progesterone for a month but only 50 mg because of drowsiness. It didn’t help for hot flashes I have. I have noticed that intake of any supplements like stimulants or hormones cause problems to me. I had severe fatigue after birth of my son with help of Oxiticin. I was never able to take a pill for birth control without nausea.

Severe acid reflux started after one progesterone birth control shot and following small haital hernia 5 years ago. I had severe hot flashes and sweats. Have already inflammation in esophagus and probably ulcers and may need operation for that. Now I am 52 and I am afraid I will have more hot flashes and more reflux and other problems like adonomyosis. I don’t have sweats now but I can put even light cover now and feel cold at night in the winter. My doctors don't know what the problem is now. No one doctor can explain me that and I asked dozens of them. I still have menstruations and sometimes heavy or long though I skip it once after progesterone pills.
If I have hot flashes from low estrogen why I have more flashes from phytoestrogens? I am intolerant to soy so it is not an option for me.I also wonder if there is other way to reduce hot flashes and reflux because I am so sensitive to hormones.

Thank you,



suzie - August 31

Lisa, if menopause was a male syndrome it would have long been eradicated.
Research has shown that many women cannot take estrogen and cannot do any "natural" ingredients because of they may contain soy which has estrogen, albeit natural.

I had your symptoms (also could not take hormones), and had to deal with it on my own. I am sorry that you are going through this. Here is what I did, stay away from all foods that cause acid reflux-including milk, cheese, spices etc. --eat a lot of bananas, rice and non-grain breads.

As for flashes and night sweats, waw. Keep a bowl of ice water with a wash cloth next to you. I wish I could be more helpful, but very little funding is going towards research on women's health, particularly menopause. If you can please write to your congressional reps and ask them to support funding.

All the best



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