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Hot Flash Hell!
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sbernaba - December 31

Any advice on how to deal with hot flashes? I'm in the middle of my work day and I suddenly feel like stripping down to my undies - not a good idea! Help!


michelled3 - September 25

hmm, that could be interesting. don't do it. what you can do is get into a regular exercise routine and eat a well-balanced diet. smoking, alcohol and caffeine all produce bad effects and red meat is a real clincher in the mix. I fully get it - like a tropical heat wave.


amhpgseverino - September 28

i'd check if your local health food store has any good alternative meds to offer you - or if you go to a homeopath or an acupuncturist. i find the traditional docs aren't too helpful, but the alternative docs often have good ideas.


beth - September 29

Ask your gyn about ERT and HRT. Also, don't eat spicey foods. I heard that can make it worse.


schoendienst - September 29

It's the estrogen loss. Try dressing in layers and that way you can strip layers on and off whenever u need. Try to sit near a window.


thurmond - September 29

Try to take a power walk every day. 30 minutes a day is good. It realy helps.


sophia - September 29

Yoga helped my friend with that. It takes away stres and stress can be a factor.


nicolaruijne - September 29

This may sound stupid, but deep breathing helps a lot of women. When you breathe out, it should take abt. 5 second. Do it for 15 min. 2x every day, when u start getting a flash and once in a while, for a minute or 2, when u remember to do it.


rosemary - October 2

i found exercise was really helpful. by staying active and keeping fit it made dealing with the flashes and other things a lot easier. and laying off coffee was biggie too


devyntaylore - October 2

have you thought about herbal remedies? there are some tht act like hormone replacement and others that don't stimulate estrogen. black cohosh, dong quai and red clover are some as well as a new one i just heard about called macafem. beats hrt which can cause cancer and its all natural


brandiboo86 - October 5

i've heard that the flashes are more about progesterone than estrogen. anybody hear that?



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