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beth - December 31

I'm engaged! But I'm wondering, if my fiance has an STD, and we get married, will he always have to wear a condom so I don't get it from him? Is there something else we can do instead?


thurmond - September 26

You don';t say what kind of STD he has. Some of them can be cured with medicine. It depends.


nicolaruijne - September 26

Yuh, like for once I agree with thurmond. I mean, if it's syph, he can take antibiotics.

On the other hand, if it's something like herpes, I think your stuck with those condoms for life.


schoendienst - September 26

I gotta say I don't get how you want to get married to a guy with an STD, no matter how terrific the guy is.

I wouldn't do it, that's for sure.


sophia - September 26

Isn't there like some kind fo vaccine or somethign? Also, isn\t there some kind of female condom? Maybe you could take turns :-)


brandiboo86 - September 28

ya'll be thinkin about seein a doc before you carry on with this plan? i'm thinkin they cure this stuff with antibiotics - at least some of them


amhpgseverino - October 2

schoendienst! how can you say not to marry him. he might have gotten an std from a long term relationship - from a mistake - anything. once you love someone you arent going to dump them when you find out something like that - show some committment!


rosemary - October 2

okay - so are you already having sex with him and you don't know if he has an std? Guess who probalnby has it too? you both should be checked out and medicated if theres something there and then you can start all over again without worrying too much


devyntaylore - October 6

so what happens if you want to have kids?


yazzygirl111 - November 3

Ok.. i say if you love the guy as much as you think you do then do the right thing and go get checked together then find out the truth to make further plans together and if your right about an std then hopefully it can be cured i wish you the best


tracy_douglas - July 3

STDs are curable. visit the doctor to diagnose his condition and what to do next.



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