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The doc said that everything came back fine...?
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kolnak - December 31

Okay, so I was raped in june of this year. After that, I began noticing that stuff was going on. I have discharge, and burning and itching, along with small spots (they look and feel like small cuts) The pain is very bad, and I went to see the doctor. She said that it looked like it was herpes, and ran a test, but everything came back normal. She tested for all of the stds.. not just the basic ones. and nothing came up. What the hell is going on? I made an appointment again for next week, but now the pain has gotten so bad that it hurts to use the restroom, and even when i wash. My whole area is swollen... i dont have health insurance or else i might go to the er. but the soonest appointment for my free doc is next week. does anyone know wtf I can do to make this better for the next week??


kolnak - October 17

Oaky so I went to my doctors appointment and they took one look at it and guessed it was Herpes, just like I guessed. They did a culture on some of the leisions and took blood. This is the second time I've had a full STD test. They tested for everything so far, atleast that's what I'm asuming. I called them today, and they said my test results were negative again. It's comforting to know I do not have Herpes, but the symptoms have gotten alot worse just in the last week. I am having alot of discharge, strong odor, cuts (leisions), sometimes bleeding, breakthrough bleeding (I am on birthcontrol), altered mood, sleep, extreme thirst (I drink alot of water... alot!) I understand that the mood, sleep and thirst may not be related, but how does one know how to separate symptoms? I may have ten different things causing this... idk.. its just making me sick... im ready to be treated, and the docs dont even know how to treat me. I was called in for yet another follow up asap, but until then (Wednesday) I guess I just wonder??? Does anybody find these symptoms familiar? I googled alot of my symptoms, and read alot of forums, and it seems a bunch of ppl are having symptoms of std's and negative test results. In alot of these forums though, ppl never had closure on what was wrong... so what is it??? Anyone have some intelligent guesses? I mean it could be HPV, I dont think they tested for that yet. i'll ask them on wednesday... but can a hormone inbalance cause discharge, leisions and pain??? not in any biology class I took. Those are signs of an infection... which I supposedly do not have. Bacterial infections will get bad quickly or test positive quickly, so thats cancelled out... yeast infection.. I used monostat on myself, and Im about to do it again just incase (I read that It may not work the first try in some women) It did not work on me whatsoever. Then theres viral infections like HPV , Herpes, etc... which can cause these symptoms... but I tested negative twice. Although I tested negative, my doc still gave me meds for herpes to take 3 times a day for 10 days to see if it helps. I have been taking it and it seems to be making things worse if anything. idk wtf is wrong... but if u think u know, ur input is appreciated.


ItFigures - September 20

did you find out what was wrong? i'm having the exact same issues.


mostlysunny - October 22

Hi, okay so this kind of sounds familiar. a while back during oral sex my labia swelled up huge. i didn't know what was wrong so i went to emergency the next day since my doctor lives kind of far away. anyways they told me it was normal even tho i was purple down there and could barley walk or sit. they told me to ice it and that this can happen nothing to worry about. im young so i was scarred that maybe it was an std or cyst so i made an apt to see the doctor at my college this was after a week of pain swelling and i noticed some cuts and discharge like you said. but they had subsided when i finally got to see me doc. she felt around and said it wasn't a cyst but again didn't test me for stds. a month later it happened again after sex i was swollen like crazy i put ice on it the went to my family doc the next day. he was smart about it. he was smart about it he tested me for stds and also gave me the anti viral like you took. however my test were negative as well. I have no idea what it is but its probably the worst pain i've been in and make me never want to be intimate incase it happened again. when i was swollen i found dabbing some which hazel would bring the swelling down and sooth just watch out for the cuts. the only thing that i've looked up that makes a bit of sense is it swelling from trauma.. you must of experienced trauma due to the situation but still u would think the doctors could come up with something..... i know this doesn't help at all but at least there are some woman with the same sort of symptoms. if i find out ill let you know and perhaps it will help you.



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