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Cellulite No More?

There have been many names allocated to the condition which appears on a person's body, properly called cellulite, but affectionately known as "orange peel", "cottage cheese" and "hail damage". Cellulite is that dimply, lumpy, bumpy clump of fat, which is considered unsightly skin, and commonly appears on the thighs, hips and buttocks of nearly 90 percent of women and many, many men as well. It has become one of the most aesthetically disconcerting concerns of women, regardless of their weight or size.

How Cellulite Happens

Dimpled skin is really cute on babies, but not so welcome on the bodies of adult women. Basically, this is how cellulite happens. The skin's connective tissue surrounds fat cells which are arranged in vertical rows or chambers. The boundaries or margins of these chambers contain septae, thin membranes which divide the cells into chambers. Over time, fat cells increase in size and number and they begin to crowd the chambers. This phenomenon along with the accumulations of localized edema, push the skin's surface between the membranes (septae) in an upward direction and creates the cottage cheese appearance associated with cellulite.

The Magic Cure?

For years women have been hoping, praying and waiting for a magical cure for cellulite but so far there have been no treatments which permanently get rid of the stuff. Things may be changing though, as two different companies using the same basic idea have arrived on the scene. These companies have found a way to melt the fat that rests between the membranes and then move it to the lymphatic system to be disposed of.

VelaShape and Radiofrequency

VelaShape Cellulite Treatment by Syneron is a non-surgical FDA-cleared technology which treats both the upper and deeper layers of the skin, causing a reduction in fat layers, measurements and appearance of cellulite. There is no downtime and it is a virtually painless treatment for body shaping. Results can often be seen within four treatments. VelaShape combines bi-polar radiofrequency, infrared light energy, along with vacuum and mechanical massage to send out heat which is targeted to adipose (fat) tissue. These energies combine together and increase the metabolism of stored energy (fat), increases lymphatic drainage and shrink the size of the fat cells and chambers. At the end of the treatments, the result is smoother skin surface and a noticeable reduction in cellulite without liposuction.

SmoothShapes and Laser

SmoothShapes 100 is similar in its function in terms of heating up fat cells and then dispersing them by utilizing a combination of laser light and massage technology. This system also relieves minor muscle aches and spasms as it encourages blood circulation. Also FDA approved, SmoothShapes uses a technology called Photomology TM which treats the causes of cellulite by restoring the adipose cells and strengthening the septae along the chambers of the skin. The process is thermal and does not destroy tissue. It breaks down the fat and then the massage moves the particles into the lymphatic system for disposal. The end result is tighter and smoother-looking skin.

Time Will Tell

It appears the miracle process may be at hand. Cellulite may be a "treatable" situation for more and more women over time. But, until then, don't hold your breath and do keep cellulite in check.

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